2018 res0luti0ns


Today is my first day back at work since having the weekend + Monday off, so I thought it would be a good time to share my resolutions for this year with you all. I’ve tired to make them more achievable by separating them into categories. I have two goals I would like to complete daily, two that I would like to do at least once a week, and 3-4 that I want to get done over the course of the year sometime…

The first two are my daily goals: I want to read everyone’s posts on my Reader each day, so I don’t fall behind and have to take an entire day of scrolling to catch up. I also want to do yoga every single day of 2018 even if it’s only a 5-minute pose/stretch routine. I will be making a post dedicated to the poses and stretches that I like to do (:

The next two are my “at least once a week” goals: the first would be posting on here! I’ve been keeping up with a schedule of every Tuesday and Friday for this month that I didn’t even mean to do at first, but I think it’s working well. The second thing is to use my drawing prompts journal more- I’m getting back into art this year and sketching in this really helps get my creative juices flowing. Whether the prompt is detailed or vague, it’s always a nice relaxing activity…

The overall goals for this year are to learn digital art (using my iPadPro and Apple Pencil), create a new wardrobe for myself by taking advantage of Justin’s deal to get me one new item for every 5 that I donate- it’s an incentivized program that also makes me feel good about downsizing! I also really want to read American Assassin. I still haven’t started yet, but I bought the movie, so I’m hoping my NEED to watch that will inspire me to get into the book quicker (: last goal of the year is something I try to do all the time- save money! We are hoping to be able to get a house for ourselves in the next year or maximum 2 years because we don’t want to rent forever, and we want pets & kids eventually. I’m getting my credit score up and Justin is working on his too, we’ve just got to really be better about moving money into our savings so we can put a sizable down payment on the place we choose.

Some other goals/wishes, but maybe not necessarily “resolutions” for 2018 would be getting Lasik or PRK eye surgery, attending E3 in California, and going to the last Vans Warped Tour in Virginia Beach. We are getting our first ever little pets together *hopefully* this Friday! Two white’s tree frogs, so look for a post all about us preparing for them and getting them REAL soon (:

41 thoughts on “2018 res0luti0ns

    1. Yes, there’s so much good content out there and in order not to miss anything- I HAVE to read them daily haha I’m finding my way with digital art. I’m hoping as I learn more, I’ll be able to expand my art style with it!

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  1. Ooh tree frogs! That sounds so cool! Hopefully you guys get them 😄
    These are all great goals! Yoga is always a nice form of exercise. I like to try a short routine from YouTube either after I wake up or before going to sleep 😄

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    1. I’m praying we get two females (less noise). The guy at Petco said their shipment was coming in Friday, so as soon as I’m off work- we’re going! Yoga is the best in the morning and/or before bed cause it can be invigorating and/or relaxing (:

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  2. Take care with the lasik! Good luck with the goals hopefully it’ll all be a success. I so wanted a pet for myself by the end of this year let’s hope for the best! Hehe

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  3. Good luck on all of these! I also made some resolutions, but I think I don’t remember them anymore. 😁 I cannot wait to see your art. Do you watch any art youtubers or do you have some favourite artists?

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  4. Your goals are great. I’ve been wanting to do regular yoga forever and haven’t been able to commit. Thanks for the reminder to try again. I’m so happy to hear that you’re spending more time doing something you love with your drawing. Even the few things I’ve already seen you create show a lot of talent and you’re just beginning to learn your tools. Good for you girl.

    That pic of you guys thugged out with the stacks of cash made me bust out laughing. You guys are adorable.

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    1. Haha appreciate the constant support and lovely comment, Lyz! I tried doing yoga last year and didn’t really commit, but this year I’m keeping tracking daily (like a check-off list), so that’s been a huge help. I’m slowly learning the digital art ways and doodling in my journal is a nice way to assist my journey (: thanks again xoxo

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  5. You’ve got some awesome goals set for this year! I’m looking forward to your yoga post, I want to get myself a little more active, even if it’s just an extra 10-15 minutes of yoga or workout at home each day. Like you, I want to get myself back into art. I used to draw and paint, but I’ve lacked creativity and motivation. I think I may try to slowly step back into it. Digital art is so fun once you get the knack of it! And that’s a great idea of downsizing and restyling yourself. Good luck with all of your goals ☺️

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