Am0re + Gucci


My wonderful boyfriend ordered this turtleneck sweater from Marzia’s Amore line when she first dropped the collection on her site. I was so excited to finally have a piece of clothing designed by her (besides the socks I got us from her Limone/summer stuff)! The day it got to our front office, we walked over to get it and also had another package I wasn’t expecting…

A Gucci tee from Justin to me ^ now we can wear another matching outfit and I love it! It’s oversized and super soft. Now back to the main event…

I LOVE this sweater- it’s a gorgeous velvety material that’s one of my favorite colors for clothing. I have a ton of dusty pink shades in my closet currently and I don’t mind it one bit. The fit is fabulous, it has these billowing sleeves and the bottom hem ends right at my waist (so nice that it’s not crazy long like some tops). The turtleneck part is completely fluid with the top of the sweater which is unlike any other I’ve owned before- most are the classic foldover. I adore the embroidered hearts and it’s easily paired with dark jeans! I also wore it recently with my favorite faded olive pants… Marzia said she was loving green and pink together in an Instagram post and actually LIKED my photo I posted of my outfit (:

This was a basic photo dump of me feeling myself in some new shirts, but I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse at a tiny piece of my new wardrobe of 2018

Here’s a link to her entire Amore winter line:

35 thoughts on “Am0re + Gucci

  1. Oh, you are so lucky! I always love Marzia’s fashion collections. My favourite one was Limone, but unfortunatelly I didn’t have the chance to actually buy somehing. The turtle has to be really comfortable and the hearts look so cute!

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    1. I think it’s velour to be completely accurate, but I like describing it as velvety cause I’m sure some people identify with that word better (: like I do haha thanks so much for the lovely comment!

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