Tw0 E’s in beauty


A quick little unboxing of a few things I received in the mail last month from Derma-e and EM Cosmetics…

The Derma-e haul was inspired by the sample sizes of these products I’d received in Marzia’s subscription boxes (and a mystery beauty bag) over the course of last year. The first one I got was a little tub of their microdermabrasion scrub which I instantly fell in love with as it smells so yummy and makes my skin feel super smooth after use! Next, the overnight peel that Marzia suggests trying for your whole face or just acne spots- it really works well at sizing down a rouge pimple overnight. Lastly, I was lucky enough to get the vitamin C concentrated serum in my mystery bag I bought from her online store. This stuff smells like fruity pebbles, I swear to you! It adds an extra feel of luxury to my skincare routine and brightens my face up (and it can’t hurt to have a boost of vitamin C in this sick season). I’m overjoyed to have these three products in full sizes now! Derma-e had surprisingly great prices on their site, so I’ll definitely be buying again once I tear through these ^ the two little packs shown were their gifts to me, just free samples of other products they sell. The first was a firming moisturizer that I liked, but I’m not sure I’ll buy cause I don’t think it’s needed at the moment. The other though, was a detoxifying charcoal mask that my boyfriend and I very much enjoyed! I was actually contemplating buying the full size one online before I had even tried it out- so I thought it was awesome that they sent me THAT sample (: it’s for sure on my list for my next order now, sneaky lil Derma-e people…

I was super excited to receive my new eyeliner on the same day ^ another Marzia tip! She wears this one and always recommends it when talking about what she likes makeup-wise. I thought I’d give it a go since the eyeliner I usually buy is strangely difficult to find in stores lately. I normally use Maybelline master precise felt tip liner in black. After testing this one out, I can only give it 4 stars, not the full 5 I was hoping for. It’s a great pen really, but like other ones I’ve tried- it does this weird thing of almost erasing itself in places when you go over it a second or third time trying to correct your lines. It also has a reflective finish so at some angles you can’t tell that it’s black, which I’m not a fan of. The application and finish are what disappointed me, but I was blown away with how easily it comes off! I think because of the way it dries on like one piece instead of painting your eyelid, it all comes off together when removing makeup. That surprised me and gave me hope that I’ll still get some use out of this. I’m thinking maybe it works better over top of eyeshadow looks and that’s why Marzia likes it so much, seeing as she wears that more often than I do (:

Just two spitfire reviews for y’all today. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m planning out my outfit and makeup even though I have no idea what we’ll be doing! Wish me luck xo

19 thoughts on “Tw0 E’s in beauty

  1. I’ve adored Derma E since trying them in Marzia’s subscription boxes! I recently bought the full size Vitamin C serum, and I still have the mini size of the overnight peel. They’re both amazing, and I would love to try more from that brand ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Oh my I recently got my derma e radiant glow face oil and it’s so amazing, it smells good and so glowy. It has jojoba oil,argan oil and seabuck thorn oils. I ordered the derma e vitamin c concentrated serum and I will be delivered in march. It’s so far but it’s worth the wait!!!! I love derma e products.

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