The Death Cure is pizza


At the end of last month, the 3rd and final film in the Maze Runner series came to theaters. I knew we had to see it in IMAX as the first 2 movies were amazing and of course, action-packed! Here’s a little glimpse into our date…

Car selfies on the cold January afternoon ^ it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new sweater from Marzia’s clothing line + my coat by The North Face. Justin was layered up too, wearing a thermal, flannel button-up, and his fave bomber! He’s so handsome (:

Once in the building, we waited outside the theater for a few minutes til they were done cleaning it. Selfie time ^ I was glad I remembered to bring my glasses or we would’ve had to sit super close! Got Justin to take my photo by the movie poster too. This bathroom mirror selfie has got to be my favorite photo from last month- even Marzia herself liked it on Instagram haha I was just really happy with my outfit (:

Afterwards, we went next door to Two Guys Pizza for a delicious dinner ^ my man was looking so fine! He opted for veggie-topped slices and even tried one of their local beers with it. I just got a plain calzone which was HUGE haha and then we made our way back home for the evening…

The movie was phenomenal as expected. I definitely need to buy the first film on DVD and get this one when it comes out. For some reason I only have the 2nd installment in my collection! It was such a nice date night & we can’t wait to go on more like this (if seeing movies wasn’t so expensive) soon. Hope you enjoyed the pics xo

27 thoughts on “The Death Cure is pizza

    1. I’ve missed so many movies in theaters lately cause it costs so much, but then when they come out on video I forget too! Haha thanks so much for your sweet comment (:


    1. I’m not sure actually, you can search! The first one is obviously called Maze Runner and the second is called Scorch Trials (: hope you find them and watch- they’re really great films!


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