Making waves f0r V-day


I’m so happy to show you all what Justin and I did to celebrate our third Valentine’s Day together! We went to the Virginia Beach aquarium for the day and ended up on the ocean for dinner…

Before we get to the trip photos, I wanted to share the things we exchanged for the holiday ^ Justin surprised me with not one, but two beautiful flowers! The first was a bouquet of ruby red roses and some crazy cool purple orchids. He also got me a ton of Reese’s hearts (my favorite), some more PokΓ©mon cards, and a pair of pink hand weights I’d said I wanted when we saw them in the store a few weeks prior. I gave him a new watch and 2 lil Valentine’s cards I had ordered from a charity called The Gentle Barn. If you’ve ever watched The Ellen Degeneres show, there’s a good chance you’ve heard her mention this organization as one of her favorite charities (: I was very excited when I saw them advertising these adorable postcards as ways to donate. They have a location in Tennessee that Justin and I really would love to visit this summer, so cross your fingers we get to! If you’d like to learn more about The Gentle Barn, you can visit their website at

I decided to doll up a bit for our date with my new dress from Target, eyeshadow from Marzia x Winky Lux Natura palette & Stella Marina lipstick ^ once I finally got my makeup right, I slipped on my dressy shoes and bomber- then we were ready to make the drive out towards the water!

There’s a pic of the watch from Original Grain that I got for Justin ^ it’s his second one from the brand and he was very happy to receive it cause the navy blue face matched perfectly with his chosen outfit. We took a bunch of car selfies of course and even caught a silly face from my handsome man at the end there…

After almost a 2-hour car ride, we arrived at the aquarium ^ had to get a picture with the big frog poster now that we own some haha and watched the seals swim around the outside of the main building. How cute!

We’ve been to this one a few times and it’s really a great one to visit ^ they have tons of exhibits and educational rooms as well…

They have everything from froggos & turtles to lizards, jellies, and fish of all kinds ^ plus a ton of props for photo-ops!

My favorite part of this wonderful place is the stingray petting pond ^ they don’t have barbs, so it’s totally safe for us to reach in and give them some love & they love it! One of the rays named Fred even slapped the wall a few times trying to splash us haha it was a fun time for everyone…

Next, we headed outside to the trail between the two buildings. The weather was lovely along Owl Creek, so it made for great photos and a sweet time to run around ^ it was a tad windy at some points, but we were far too happy to let it bother us one bit!

The coolest part of this building is the otter enclosure ^ which smelled horrible like fish, so we could tell they’d recently been fed- but one of them perked up and looked right at us as Justin and I got close!

We got to stick our heads into the dome of one of the big tanks ^ took some selfies with the pufferfish and even got to pet a baby hedgehog! After saying our goodbyes to the otters and heading back down the path to the main building, we were ready to head out…

In just a short drive, we were on the beach! Justin found free parking right by the pier, so we walked out and took a bunch of photos under the sign (:

The restaurant on the pier, Ocean Eddie’s, was closed for the season and wouldn’t be open again til April- but the souvenir shop was welcoming of us even though they had some strange items for sale ^ then it was a change of shoes for me and we were on the sand! Gorgeous to be on an empty beach and get such cool shots of the scenery…

Dinner was spectacular at a restaurant right on the water, under one of the many hotels on the strip ^ Justin got some massive crab cakes and I ordered the salmon which was delicious! We also tried some sweet drinks that were quite strong, but still super tasty (:

This day was jam-packed with adorable lil creatures and incredible views, so I’d say it was the best Valentine’s Day yet. I hope we get to go to another aquarium again soon…

45 thoughts on “Making waves f0r V-day

  1. That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to visit an aquarium like that, but I have no idea if there is even something like that here in the Czech Republic πŸ˜€ Glad you enjoyed the day! πŸ™‚ ..and I absolutely LOOVE your jacket. πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww thank you so much (: the ones with the blurred background were taken with Justin’s phone using the portrait mode haha it’s a cool feature that mine doesn’t have! I definitely recommend going to any aquarium you can find near you- they’re all great

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