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With the unfortunate news late last year that Justin’s then-current place of work, Teavana, was going to be closing its doors for good all across the country this year… I was looking for a place to get similar quality loose leaf tea at a decent price (since he always got a discount). By the time I read a fellow blogger mentioning Cratejoy, a site that has any subscription box theme you could dream of, I wasn’t even thinking tea- I was just curious! Until I stumbled upon Simple Loose Leaf, a $9/per month box of fine tea samples. Let’s dive in:

Each box consists of 4 different teas in these wonderful resealable bags that are see-through on one side and have a description & directions on the other ^ in our first box, we received an herbal, green, earl grey, and oolong. It was accompanied by a sheet that explained the teas and even gave explanations on why each one was included in our first box. My expectations for a near $10 subscription were already surpassed! It came with a tea I KNEW I’d like (oolong), two I was excited to try (herbal and green), and one that I’m not a fan of (earl grey) but I know Justin really likes. Here’s what we thought of them after trying each one:

Of course, I chose the one I knew I’d love for my first sip from this interesting company ^ I use my mana-tea steeper and made Justin a cup of the earl grey with one of the little sachets they included in the box. We both really enjoyed our respective drinks! It was a perfect oolong and I even tried his tea (which I don’t usual like) which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We’re making a list of which teas we are going to eventually buy in ounces from their online store, and these two made the cut…

Eventually we got to the other 2 teas in our first box ^ I like that they come in sample sizes because it lasted perfectly for a month. That way we wouldn’t have overflow into the next box we receive! The green tea this box came with was peculiar because it had puffed rice in it which made it smell a bit strange. I liked it still (all green teas are good), but was looking forward to seeing which green they’d include in the next box. The herbal was also quite good and not as potently orange as I expected from the name of it- it was almost a soft flavor. I wouldn’t add it to our list of future buys, but it was a nice treat while we had it!

Due to my blog schedule and posts I wanted to push out first, this one fell after we received our second box ^ which included a green, 2 herbals, and a black tea. We’ve only tried the gunpowder green and sunset herbal, but let me tell you- if I just “liked” last month’s box, this one is already getting me HOOKED! The green is classically lovely, and I had a sip of the herbal I’d made for Justin which was delicious. He was surprised at how flavorful and yummy it was without any sugar added. I know it’ll be a great one to make a big iced pitcher of in the summer time. Definitely on our list to get from their site…

If you’re interested in subscribing to this tea box for only $9/per month, you can use my referral link here: Simple Loose Leaf

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the teas you receive. I hope this served as a helpful review and suggestion to anyone looking for new teas to try, a consistent supply of different teas, or maybe even a gift for another tea-lover! Thanks for reading (:

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  1. I have the same mana-tea! Manatees are one my favorite animals! 😂💖 I’m such a huge tea drinker, so this might be something I’ll have to look into! 😊

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