Fanny pack full 0f fl0wers


I’m very happy to be sharing this wonderful day with you all! Justin and I ventured out to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens on an unusually warm day in February- in contrast to our first visit here last year when it was rainy, a bit chilly, and not as many plants were in bloom…

I woke up to the still-gorgeous roses Justin had surprised me with for Valentine’s Day about a week before. We had pancakes for breakfast, I strapped on my fanny pack, and we were out the door! Once we arrived at the main building, we decided to check out the cafe and grab a quick bite/drink before we began our long walk around the lovely grounds. Doesn’t he look flawless? I’m truly blessed to be with such a man ^

In the area leading up to the big greenhouse on the hill, they have a specific garden for medicinal plants and flowers. I always enjoy walking through this cause of what I do, it’s very interesting to see things that were used a long time ago and ones that are still utilized today. There were some fountains with water, and others (like the one with the frog statues) that were empty!

Inside was INCREDIBLE ^ such a difference between the first time we came to look! Everything was open and colorful, it was so refreshing to breathe in the oxygen-heavy air too. We played around more with the portrait mode on Justin’s iPhone X to get some really neat shots. If that wasn’t enough photos for you, wait til we go outside to explore the rest of the gardens…

There was a cute path outside the greenhouse with a bunch of adjectives engraved ^ so I of course had to be standing on Beauty & Grace and then made the joke of putting my juice on the “refreshing” slab! It was also a tad windy at this point, so Justin got a good candid shot of me letting it blow the hair out of my face (:

The Asian section is one of our favorite parts because of the bright yellow bushes and the forest of bamboo ^ they also have really cool structures around that make for great photos!

A windy trail through some woods brought us beside a little pond, some cute purple flowers, and ultimately out in front of a big house on the property ^ followed by finding a succulent turtle on the lawn!

Even though the vast variety of plants are supposed to be the main attraction here, I fell in love with this tree house ^ it’s perfectly placed on the edge of the lake and gives a fantastic view of most of the grounds. The wind got a little crazy at that height though…

We made our way to the other side of the lake and came full circle near the main building as the sun was coming down to set ^ it was kinda scary going out on the docks, but they had maximum capacity signs that helped ease my mind haha

Justin and I said our goodbyes to Lewis Ginter after a quick stop to look around the gift shop ^ where we found lots of frog-related items! By this time of the day, our tummies were rumbling and ya girl was craving pizza. We tried out a new place and I’m so glad we did cause it was delicious- it’s called Pie Five and it’s like a Subway for pizzas. You pick your crust, sauce, cheese, then all the toppings. I customized mine while Justin opted for their signature buffalo chicken pizza which he LOVED (: after our dinner, he wanted donuts and I wasn’t going to fight him on it haha we grabbed a few from KK and headed home for the night…

This day was so magical and I’m glad I got to share it with you all through photos and my bits of commentary. I hope you enjoyed our trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and I’ll be seeing you for a new post soon!

31 thoughts on “Fanny pack full 0f fl0wers

  1. WOW! What beautiful gardens. That must have been such a fun day! (Sorry for spamming your comment section on your blog lol I’ve been out of the country for the last two weeks, so I’m catching up haha!)

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  2. These photos are incredible! I can’t wait to use the camera… I just got my iPhone X today, check out what’s on it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ“² β€”

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