March fav0rites


It’s that time of the month again! No, not THAT time of the month- time to share my faves from March (: here we go…

Food and drink favorites this month were pretty basic: sushi and teas ^ as you might’ve read on my blog before, we have a sushi place nearby that delivers (heaven). Also, our second monthly box of tea arrived and I discovered another fave- their pinhead gunpowder green! I found bottled Teavana tea at Sheetz too and was so happy with the Meyer Lemon flavor cause they don’t add any sugar (:

In fashion & beauty this month I have a few faves, but I don’t want to give too much away as I still have a lot of things I’ve been loving that’ll be featured in future posts ^ I got a ton of new clothing in March from some of my favorite creators, picked out a couple pairs of jeans at Old Navy- including the striped, embroidered ones pictured above (which I adore with those dressy shoes). Lastly, this “beauty” favorite is more for Justin cause I purchased Skinfood’s Egg White Cleansing Foam for him and he LOVES it. It’s been amazingly helpful for reducing the size of his pores and evening out his skin (:

For the media/entertainment section, we got a new camera ^ so the random shots were taken with it haha the games we played were mostly Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, 4, and 5 (didn’t have any pictures besides the case for 5 oh well). I also liked watching Justin play PUBG on his computer, but we decided to try the mobile game on my iPad last night and I won! I know it isn’t saying much since that version is a lot easier, but it was a huge accomplishment for me since I hate confrontation in video games- that’s why I hid for most of it (:

The biggest part of my favorites has GOT to be the family time I experienced this month and the new members to our family: our tiny cacti ^ plus, our frogs made some incredible progress this month. We were a bit worried about how small Fear was compared to Misery, so we started live-feeding them with small crickets. He began hunting, and we’ve seen his health really improve! Back to family, I got to visit my kitties back home and even got to see Hunter the big lab baby. I spent two full days with my sisters in March and took my dad out on Cary street for his birthday (: Justin got to hang out at a shooting range with his younger brother which I know they had a blast at (if you’ll pardon the pun). Overall, it was a month packed full of favorites!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks to get a look at my new clothes, free product hauls, and more out-and-about adventures with Justin & I (plus my blog’s birthday celebration). Have a lovely Easter weekend (:

43 thoughts on “March fav0rites

  1. So many goodies this month. I’m jealous of the new camera! Your crazy plant lady journey has begun, and I can’t get over how expressive a face your white frog has. Is that normal? He totally looks happy!

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    1. Haha thanks so much! He was actually shedding (cause he’s growing YAY) so they have to open their mouths really wide to let their old skin off. It’s sounds way more gross than it actually is lol they just look like they’re screaming (:

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  2. Ooh monthly tea! Which subscription do you get? Do you like it so far? And btw what do you mean by free product hauls? And yay a new camera! I love anything photography related haha what one did you get? Haha sorry realized I asked like a million questions in this comment! I also love all the animals in your life. Your frogs are adorable.

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    1. Hey, no problem- I welcome all the questions haha here’s the link to my post about the tea subscription box: it’s only $9 per month! I got a few free goodies (not really a haul I guess) that I’ll be talking about in a future post. The camera we got is a Canon G7X Mark II and it’s been spectacular so far! Thank you for leaving such an awesome comment haha I’ll say hi to the frogs for you (:

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      1. What a nice convenient-sized camera! That’d be great for travel. And oops sorry I missed your tea post! I might actually do it. I am an absolute tea junkie and E just got me one of those fancy tea infusers. So free goodies in exchange for a post on it? I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do that and I love free things haha

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      2. Yeah, the camera has been fantastic to bring along with us! The tea box is perfect, so I know you’ll love it (: haha I use Influenster quite a bit to get the free boxes, but the things I have on deck for posts aren’t actually from them- you’ll see what I mean once it’s published lol

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  3. I loove the cacti! And all the animals are so cute.
    I’ve had sushi only once, but I really didn’t like it 😀 I like fish, but not raw 😀

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    1. Bless you 😸 that was my sad attempt at a joke, so thank you! I thought the egg skincare was strange at first, then I kept seeing it on more blogs and people really getting results from it- my boyfriend is always self conscious about his pores & it totally helped reduce them and smooth his skin out. Also, the Ceramic Slip cleanser by Sunday Riley is fantastic for basically erasing pores haha

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  4. Aww this was a lovely favorites post, Shannon! I loved seeing all the pictures ❤ Glad to hear your cute frogs are doing well, and that you had a great month! Hope April is fantastic for you, as well (: xx

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  5. Too much cuteness in this blog…the froggies, the puppies, that avocado pillow!! Sounds like you had a great month. I’m so interested in trying out that egg white product. I’ve been seeing it on other people’s blogs and I could really use something to shrink my pores. Good to hear it works! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m blessed to have the adorable animals in my life haha hope you find something that works for your pores- the egg wash is fantastic and also Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser (:

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