Mix & match fashi0n


Starting this off with a collage because I couldn’t decide on a header photo ^ today I’ll be showing you all some outfits I put together using my recent buys from Marzia’s Amore winter clothing line along with a few pieces I’ve had for a while. A huge shoutout to my incredibly patient and loving boyfriend for bearing with me to take all these photoshoot photos…

The first item is this gorgeous olive A-line skirt that has a gold zipper up the entire front ^ it has pockets (!) and of course the signature hearts. I ordered a size small, but unfortunately, where it should sit on me is the smallest area of my waist- which I think needs an XS fit. I’ll have to take this to alterations soon so I can keep wearing it! I chose the velour sweater to pair with it cause I adore the colors together and the chunkier fabric of the top played really well with the small waist of the skirt (it’s pinned in the back so it would look presentable for pictures). I also love the black bodysuit with it & my Mary Jane shoes- they were the first things I pulled out of my closet to go with it (:

The next piece from her collection has got to be my favorite ^ these pink cigarette pants are amazing quality! They fit perfectly which blew me away because I was so scared they weren’t going to work on my body shape. They are a tad see-through, but nude colored undies are invisible from the outside haha these pants don’t have pockets *sad* but it makes them flat-front which looks very stylish. I paired them with the velour sweater as well and enjoy the combo so much! I’ll wear all the shades of pink my closet will allow. I took a few things out to wear with these- including the blue “sun top” I picked up not too long ago & a cute shirt I bought online that I’ve been trying to find the right outfit for. It doesn’t match as well, but the pants come up high enough on my waist to make up for the cropped-ness of the shirt (buying clothes online is so difficult sometimes). Lastly, I brought one more item from her line into the mix with the white turtleneck. I don’t love this outfit as much because it’s a bit too “light” for me- I enjoy contrast in fashion, but Justin loved it! He said it’s his favorite out of all the stuff I put on that day…

One of my favorite duos of the day was the white Amore turtleneck with my purple floral flared pants ^ I love the colorful bottoms in contrast to the plain white top. I’ve noticed I really like this shirt tucked into things as I wore it again with my high-waisted jeans a week or so ago…

These were just a few of the combinations I came up with utilizing the 4 beautiful clothing pieces I got from Marzia’s most recent line. I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more in the future! If you enjoyed the outfits in this post or just fashion posts in general, stay tuned because I have a bunch more on the way. Re-doing my entire wardrobe has been a long, but joyous project and it’s so fun sharing it with you all (:

36 thoughts on “Mix & match fashi0n

    1. Thanks!!! It’s such a soft top, I love it too- the pants are a fave for sure. I can’t wait to keep pairing them with different things (: appreciate your comment


    1. Thank you! When I saw it in Target, I was like “I’ve gotta have that” haha even though it makes me look pregnant when the wind blows cause it’s kinda puffy at the bottom 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well

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  1. This line is really amazing, I think my favourite has to be the white turtleneck. Also, skirts with pockets are amazing!! People don’t get it, though, they say it looks weird.. I personally like it 😁

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