Bl0g birthday*


Tomorrow is the big day- my blog will officially be ONE YEAR OLD! I’m keeping up with my resolution of blogging twice a week by using a Tuesday & Friday schedule, so that means I won’t be posting exactly on the same day I did a year ago, but I’m still celebrating…

It’s crazy how quickly a year goes by ^ I remember when I first found WordPress and Marzia’s blog which inspired me to create my own. I had finally found the perfect platform, an awesome outlet for my photos and the stories that accompany them. Since starting my blog, I’ve gained almost 500 followers and made a ton of new friends. I’ve received advice, support, and so much wonderful feedback from other creators through this site. I’ve taught myself to be mindful of what’s in the frame of each photo I take and how to edit the lighting & sharpness so it looks just right on screen. It’s been a journey and I’ve had a lot of fun so far! I’m excited to say I’m gonna keep it up and I have much more planned for the coming months and hopefully years too- how many years have you all had your blogs?


Do you like my blog? Do you like free stuff? Then celebrate my blog’s birthday with me by entering my giveaway! I was going to save it for when I hit the milestone of 500 followers (which I’m pretty close to), but I thought the milestone of an entire year of blogging sounded better. I’ll show you what I’ve got in store for you if you win:

I put together a literal “basket full of goodies” over this past year ^ it’s got a bunch of trial-size and full-size random beauty items I thought would be fitting for a blogger giveaway!

*NOTE: the taupe bandana in the basket is also included in the giveaway, but not the basket itself- sorry!

• A pair of super soft “Always in the Mood for a Nap” slipper boots by Mixit (size US 5-6)

• Winky Lux diamond powders foundation (medium)

• NYX illuminating stick

• Wet n Wild makeup stick (blush)

• Smashbox photo finish foundation primer

• Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer & blush (sample)

• Derma-e firming moisturizer (sample)

• Too Faced HangoveRx replenishing face primer (sample)

• Bath & Body Works Moon Light Path body cream (full)

• Impress one-step gel press-on nails set

• Palmer’s Flip balm (mango)

• 3 full size fashion nail files

• A forest creatures pencil by Marzia

*TO ENTER: Leave a like & comment on this post, and make sure you’re following (:

This giveaway is open internationally because I’m lucky enough to have followers/readers from all over the world, so they deserve to be included!

Head back here next Tuesday, April 17th and I’ll have edited this post with the winner listed at the bottom. I’ll also reply to the winner’s comment letting them know they’ve won- in case you forget to check back in. Once you’ve been notified, please send me an email (within 24 hours or I’ll pick another winner) with subject “Kittyp0p Giveaway” with your shipping information and I’ll send you this big box of freebies!

Creating this giveaway was very fun and I’m looking forward to gathering more stuff for another one eventually- maybe when I hit 1k followers (and hopefully I’ll have enough to give away to multiple people by then). I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of this experience with me! Keep your eye out for another post this Friday and good luck to everyone (:


The winner is: Claremmbeauty

Congratulations! Hop on over to the “Contact” page on my blog and shoot me an email with your shipping info to receive your bundle! If you haven’t responded in 24 hours, I’ll be choosing another winner- so don’t sleep haha

67 thoughts on “Bl0g birthday*

  1. So fun! I would love to win the giveaway! Also, WordPress told me a day or two (can’t remember?) ago that it was the two year anniversary of me creating my blog, so our blog birthdays are super close!

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  2. Aww, happy blogiversary! ❤️ I really enjoy reading your blog with all the couple goal pics, pet pics, trips, food, clothing and life. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the world through a different lens. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on reaching your blogiversary! I feel like so many of hs have reached it recently 😄 I’m so glad you started blogging! I always enjoy seeing all your pictures and reading what you and Justin got up to 🤗 I’d love to enter the giveaway, its so nice that you’re opening it up to your international readers as well 😄

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  4. Congratulations on one year!! I feel like we must have started blogging around the same time because I’m getting close to my one year soon and I feel like you’ve been along for the journey the whole time!! haha That’s so generous of you to do a giveaway! Here’s to year #2 and new adventures!

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  5. Oh wow girly HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! (Actually super weird timing, me and Sarah have a collab going out tomorrow about things to do before your blog turns 1). That giveaway looks le fab, I love everything you’ve included!xx

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  6. Wow congratulations! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love all your posts, and this is so generous of you! I would love to enter this giveaway because you’ve included some amazing things! Fingers crossed! Looking forward to the next year of your blog! 🙂 .x.x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You won! Send me an email with the subject “Kittyp0p Giveaway” including your shipping info, and I’ll get your package sent as soon as I can! Congrats (:


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