Easter later + baking


It’s a late post, but when isn’t it? The first day of the month was Easter and unfortunately, Justin had to work. I took the day off for myself as an opportunity to bake some springtime goodies in celebration!

I spent most of the morning working out and cleaning the apartment which both felt awesome to get done! Then I pampered myself with a sheet mask and hopped in the shower- my look for the day was clean & simple. I just wore mascara and a bit of lip gloss ^ feeling like a spring chick in my Easter yellow shirt haha

I threw on my matching apron and got out everything I’d need to start making the yummy stuff…

First up, lemon bars ^ the Krusteaz brand has the best ones and they’re super easy to make! Down side of having a 9×9 inch pan as opposed to the 8×8 inch recommended is that the crust of the bars came out thin and cooked a little too much for my liking. They were still very tasty (:

After that, I got all the baking cups ready to make gluten-free Funfetti cupcakes ^ I’m not a huge cake person, but my favorite is Funfetti, so I was excited to see they had a gluten-free box mix available. Once both batches were out of the oven, I waited for Justin to get home from work so we could decorate them together!

I realized too late that we didn’t have sprinkles ^ so I emptied out the last of the Lucky Charms cereal and separated out the marshmallows to add on top of the icing! They came out adorable and very festive-looking haha

We went to Justin’s Nana’s house for the evening to meet up with his family ^ brought along some cupcakes for everyone of course!

Justin’s parents got us this sweet lil frog to stake into our front yard ^ they also picked up a cute frog flag, but it ended up being full-size instead of a garden flag! So we’re saving that for when we have a house (:

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the start of Spring (or Fall if you’re in that part of the world). I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts about the holiday…

Don’t forget to check in next Tuesday to see if you won the giveaway in my previous post. Good luck to whoever entered!

33 thoughts on “Easter later + baking

  1. What a lovely Easter! I love the treats you baked ❀ We celebrated Easter a week late because my family and I were working on things around the house that day, hehe (: I’ve never had Easter fall on the first of April before! Oh and by the way, I LOVE your blog’s new logo! xx

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