Tsuki picks


As soon as I got the notification on my phone for Marzia’s new video about the announcement of hers and Felix’s unisex clothing brand, I was watching and getting on the website to order! Justin and I picked out a few things we liked and could swap between us if we wanted (:

The items we chose were the hoody, turtleneck, and t-shirt ^ they also came along with a free set of sake cups- very cute! It took almost a month for everything to arrive and I’m not sure where the tracking email went, but it was a nice surprise to come home to…

The hoodie was the first we tried on because look how big and comfy it is ^ the material is super soft and thick without feeling stiff or structured. The pink accents along the bottom hem and cuffs, as well as the drawstrings, are so sweet! The logo isn’t obnoxious and doesn’t even say Tsuki, it’s just a Japanese character with a little face haha

The turtleneck is something both of us can also wear, but I think it looks much better on Justin. He looks like a spy or something, so handsome ^ the material of this is very nice and not what I’d expected from the way it looked in the announcement video. We were impressed again! I love the subtle branding of Tsuki by embroidering the name in Japanese along the mock neck of this shirt…

Lastly, the classic tee with a ringer twist ^ the collar is white, but no accents on the hem of the sleeves. I love the simplicity of this shirt! You can tell it’s meant to be unisex from the fit because it’s slightly fitted towards the bottom, but still gives enough room to be suitable on anyone. Again, amazing quality! Love the cute little logo on this as well (:

These weren’t the only items included in their brand’s first launch, of course, but just the few we picked out. The prices might’ve seemed high to some people, but if you’re looking for quality product that’s made completely ethically- it’s all worth it. I hope you enjoyed this haul ^ stay tuned for more fashion content in the upcoming weeks and don’t forget to check my Bl0g birthday post to see if you won my first ever giveaway!

33 thoughts on “Tsuki picks

  1. The shirts are cute! And the hoody looks so comfy! I think the little Japanese character actually means “tsuki” in Japanese ☺️ if I’m remembering right lol. It looks like it’s in that shape lol, it means “moon.” So that’s really cute!

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  2. It all looks super amazing, my favourite is probably the hoodie. It looks soo soft and comfy. I wish I had the money to buy some pieces as well, though I totally get why are the pieces so expensive.

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    1. Seems like a common fave amongst commenters haha yeah, we only got one to share cause of the price. Thanks for such a nice comment (: hopefully their next drop will include more affordable items!

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