Snowy daze


I’m seeing so many posts about the nice weather coming in that I thought we’d officially say goodbye to winter with some final snow pictures from a few weeks ago…

On our March monthly anniversary, we received a bit of flurries, a “dusting” if you will ^ it was the perfect opportunity to put on all our new Teddy Fresh attire and our matching Neet beanies to brace the cold!

Justin and I took a quick ride up the road to try out a local pizza place that offers gluten-free crust ^ there were a few Pokémon enjoying the chilly weather too! Doesn’t my man look great in Sherpa material? That jacket is just awesome on him. The shop was super cozy and the pizza was delicious- we’ve gone back twice since then, and I’m sure we’ll grab a few more pies as the months go on!

We brought the pizzas home to eat and couldn’t resist picking up some cannolis for dessert ^ then we spent the evening adoring our froggos! Look at them face to face, so cute (an update post on Fear & Misery is in the works, coming soon)…

A few days later, the little bit of snow had melted away and we were ready to go out again ^ this time I got to wear something lighter. I paired my Amore cigarette pants with a mock-neck crop top (tucked in) and a denim overshirt. I matched the light wash with my new blue tint Yeezys which will definitely be featured in my favorites later this month…

Bundles of car selfies and silliness ^ I finally got my hair trimmed again since like November? Then we went on a date to Applebee’s where the couple in the booth behind us sounded to be on a first date *adorable* we got some fro-yo at Sweet Frog afterwards cause Justin was craving it and of course I got some too! I love to get strawberry, then add fruits and granola. Lastly, a quick pit stop at GameStop where I got a Leafeon plushie and Justin got a PS3 to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on (yes, just one game).

The hair picture collage isn’t before and after my haircut, it’s only after- I just couldn’t decide if it looked better with flash or not ^ we opened our cards to a few surprisingly good pulls, then spent the rest of the evening starting MGS4 which we’re both really enjoying!

These were just two fantastic days from the end of last month that I didn’t get a chance to post pictures or give commentary on until now- that happens a lot. Update on my life: once they get the background check cleared, I will be receiving a job offer from the place I’ve been trying to work at since before we moved out last summer! I’m very excited and nervous, but really looking forward to it. I’ll fill you all in when I know more/have more to say about it (:

32 thoughts on “Snowy daze

  1. Let’s hope that your background check doesn’t reveal that you were an international spy and/or jewel thief, lol. That eyeliner is always just too perfect to be done by a normal gal. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about the new job.

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  2. You guys are adorable as always! ☺️ love the outfits! I haven’t collected Pokémon cards in years, I miss those days 😂 I’m so happy winter is finally starting to leave though

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  3. Congrats on the job offer!! That’s super exciting. You both look amazing in every outfit you put on. And that plushie is adorable :3 It’s good to see some people still being really into pokemon. I know everyone was collecting the cards and watching pokemon when I was younger. Now it’s rare to see to see someone like that. Or at least where I live.

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