Say YesTo Curie & Tom’s


Time to talk about a beauty haul and some fun freebies! Over the past few months, I’ve accumulated some lovely products from a couple different brands that I reviewed and put together this post to share my thoughts with you all (:

First up is my mini mask haul from a brand we all know and love: YesTo ^ I tried out the charcoal mud mask from the 3-pack first and loved it! Then I reached for the 2-step grapefruit kit another day which was lovely. The first step is sudsy, and the second step is like gel! To my surprise, the cucumber mud mask was yellow (my favorite color). Each one of these masks left my skin glowing and refreshed, and they all smell wonderful of course. I highly recommend literally anything by this brand, it’s all quality stuff and most of it is like 99% natural (:

*if anyone wants to screenshot/use the coupon in the picture above, you’re welcome to!

Now, onto the freebies! We get a lot of random mail at our apartment that often times just says RESIDENT on it, and one of the packages was a free sample of Tom’s toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I’d never tried this brand as I’m a Crest user for life, but it was free so I thought I’d give it a go- it works well for cleaning teeth, but leaves my mouth feeling a little tingly (almost numb) after brushing. I didn’t like that, so I haven’t used it enough to tell if it really helps with sensitivity. I’ll most likely be sticking to my 2-step Crest whitening toothpaste and gel. They get the job done!

Lastly, a new brand emerged recently and I found myself clicking on a link that advertised a FREE kit sent to you to test their products ^ it’s called Curie and they have ranges of fragrances, body wash, lotions, shampoo and conditioner! It’s all made in America too. In my “Discovery Set” I was sent a sample size of each product in the scent Quilcene (fresh florals, conifer, and bergamot), and a mini spritzer of their other fragrances as well. My favorite was Bella Flor (rose, jasmine, and wood smoke). The scents to me are both feminine and masculine depending on what you like, which is awesome cause I was able to share some items in the box with my boyfriend. He might get more use out of the body wash as it’s more of a manly scent (: I was very impressed by the items they gave me free of charge to show off what their new company has to offer! Once I finish up, I’ll be searching their site for more. If you’re interested in buying from Curie, their website is and you’ll receive free shipping if your order is over $50

Hope you all enjoyed my reviews of these different brands. I’ll have more hauls in future posts cause I love trying out new stuff and letting you know my experiences!

23 thoughts on “Say YesTo Curie & Tom’s

  1. All of those face masks look so fun! I am a faithful Tom’s toothpaste user but I use the anti-plaque one and it doesn’t give me a tingly feeling in my mouth lol that would def turn me off too.

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    1. Oh okay! Maybe the numb-like feeling is supposed to help with sensitivity 🤷🏻‍♀️ I liked the quality clean it gave me though, so I can see why you use that brand haha thanks for commenting

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  2. I’ve seen those face masks around but I’ve never actually tried them! I think you talked me into it lol. I started using Tom’s but I haven’t used the one for sensitivity, but I can say the regular one didn’t make my mouth feel numb lol. I’ve been trying to use more natural and cruelty free items!
    Looks like a great haul ☺️

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    1. Fabulous! I hope you enjoy the masks as much as I do, there’s one for every type of skin/issue. I’m guessing the tingly feeling was specifically because it’s for sensitivity- the more people say they haven’t experienced it with another kind of Tom’s, the more it makes sense haha (: thanks for your awesome comment

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  3. I’ve tried Tom’s toothpaste and I found it didn’t clean my mouth as much as I like. It just didn’t feel as clean, if that makes sense. 😂

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    1. I can understand that- especially when you’re used to using a toothpaste that gives you a super clean feeling (like the Crest duo I have)! Makes sense for sure, but I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I appreciate your comment and letting me know what your experience with Tom’s was (:

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  4. omg how does anyone look so good with face masks on!? I love your confidence I would be too self conscious to post pics of me with a face mask haha And I agree with crystalsandcurls, your skin looks RADIANT! I like the idea of using 3 face masks each with their own purpose

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    1. Bless you 🙋🏻 such lovely compliments! The cool part about the 3-pack is that you can use them all at the same time for different areas of your face- I just happened to use them separately haha thanks a ton for this awesome comment!

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