April fav0rites


As April comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on a ton of stuff I’ve loved this month! Get ready for a long list of favorites and loads of photos to boot…

For the fashion section of this post, I picked out a few things you might’ve already seen if you follow me on Instagram ^ I got new shoes: the Yeezy boost 350 blue tints are so pretty and of course, super comfy. You can find them at Godsey Supply and use code “Kittyp0p” for 10% off your first purchase! Also, I’ve fallen in love with this unique top from Madewell that’s amazing quality. The cut is something I haven’t seen before and it feels very velvety. Teddy Fresh finally restocked their pastel colorblock hoodie, so you know I had to snag it haha we might not need it anytime soon (hopefully), but it’ll be great for night walks this summer if it turns a bit chilly…

In media/entertainment this month, Justin got Far Cry 5 and has been playing it a lot ^ its fun to watch cause he always does silly things in game. We also managed to make it to the movie theater TWICE! I know, but we had a gift card, so we only paid for the one time haha we took Justin’s brother to see Ready Player One which was better than I expected- a visually pleasing film for sure. The real MVP of April: A Quiet Place

*NO SPOILERS* I just want to let anyone know who hasn’t seen it yet…this movie may be considered horror, but for someone who hates scary movies- I loved it. It’s centered around family more than anything. I told Justin I would cry and I most certainly did. The silence of the film makes you focus more on the bond between the characters and what struggles they have to overcome to survive. I can’t recommend this enough. Please go see it and support an incredible feature!

Beauty time ^ you all know from my last post of my love for YesTo’s masks. This time, I tried their carrot & kale one! It was fabulous as usual haha and I did two makeup looks this month (yeah, only two cause I haven’t broken into my new palette yet and I’ve been working a lot) that I really felt proud of: the Easter/simple look of just lip gloss, mascara, and a shimmery liner dashed on the inner corners & the CLASSIC look of winged liner and a bold red lip…you’ll see that striped shirt more soon too (it’s new).

Now we’re getting into the good stuff ^ for food & drink favorites I picked up a new Snapple tea that I enjoyed- it’s not as sweet as classic sweet tea you’d get at like a restaurant, but I like that! Justin finally let us go back to Mezeh (a Mediterranean grill) where I love to get the salad bowl with falafel. I’ve been craving bubble tea like everyday this month it seems, and I’m happy to announce we found a place closer than an hour away that sells it. Kokee Tea is right up the road, so you better believe we’ll be making trips frequently. Also, at home, Justin put together a beautiful shrimp stir fry for us one night! A bit too saucy for me, but it was still so YUM (:

To tie up this April with a nice bow, these are my faves in animals and people ^ I loved the new shirts Justin got from Teddy Fresh and Off-White, he looks SO GOOD ALWAYS so how could I not include my stylish man in this post? We made it to the petting zoo at the mall too! Such fluffy babies enjoying all the hands on them. We had a wonderful month (:

What were some of your favorite things this month? What are you looking forward to in May? Let me know in the comments!

41 thoughts on “April fav0rites

  1. Love the Madewell top – it goes so well with the amore pants! And aaaah, that llama is so cute! (or is it an alpaca, haha?)
    I can’t believe April is almost over… Some of my favourite things this month were setting up my shop page, travelling to Transylvania and watching my cat’s kittens grow. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! That’s what I thought too haha I wore that outfit to my second interview for the new job I’ll be starting soon. Those sound like great faves- I love lil kitties and miss my cats back home! I really appreciate your comment, thanks for reading (:

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  2. I was interested in seeing A Quiet Place since the actress is actually Deaf, but I can’t handle suspense! πŸ™ˆ I can watch violence all day, but just the trailer for AQP freaked me out πŸ™…πŸ½

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    1. It’s so good! She’s excellent in it too, so you should brave the jump-scares to see it haha it’s not so much scary as it is suspenseful. Let me know if you do end up going (:

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  3. My boyfriend, Justin πŸ˜‚, just finished Far Cry 5! It was super fun to watch him play it too! Obsessed with that Madewell top, super cute!

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    1. Dude, I know- I would have a closet FULL if it was more affordable, but it warms my heart to have the few pieces I do (: plus, the discount on the shoes is fantastic! Thanks for reading

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  4. I looove the teddy fresh hoodie! It’s so colourful and retro πŸ˜€ And about Far Cry, my brother and I played the previous games, but I suppose we weren’t too keen on this one. Maybe we’ll eventually buy it and like it πŸ˜€

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    1. I was waiting for them to restock it forever! Yeah, Justin says he enjoyed the 3rd one the most (out of the series) but he’s been playing the new one a lot (: thanks for commenting

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    1. He’s fantastic in it and that he was able to cast his wife as his wife made the whole family dynamic that much better! Very much recommend the film to anyone who hasn’t seen it haha thanks for your comment (:

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