Maym0nt in spring


If you like blog posts with tons of photos and barely anything to read, you’re in luck! I’m gonna give a quick intro and let the pics do the rest. Justin & I got into our best attire to spend the day at Maymont (a hundred-acre local park), and turned our time there into a photoshoot…

I hope you enjoyed the spam of photos from our day in the sun! We used my phone camera (iPhone 7), Justin’s phone camera (iPhone X), and our digital camera (Canon G7X Mark II) to take all the pictures. I was so excited to wear my new outfit from Urban Outfitters- my legs are a few shades darker cause I had to wear tights as it was chillier than it looks haha but I still can’t wait to wear this stellar skirt with lots of other tops this summer. The shoes killed my feet, but it was worth it for all the lovely shots we got (:

Shoutout to my sweetheart for taking so many photos that day and also for looking GORGEOUS as he modeled those fab yellow pants & that Tsuki turtleneck for me!

Thanks for staying til the end if you did and I’ll catch y’all this Friday for a more picture/commentary balanced post (:

38 thoughts on “Maym0nt in spring

  1. Gurlll I am overwhelmed (but in a good way). First off, I am in LOVE with your cardigan. Your outfit is so spring like give me some fashion sense xD. I love Justin’s sunnies as well. You are so photogenic like ugh you should see me in group photos – I should literally start a meme account from how bad they are. This post was stunning!

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    1. Haha that one isn’t ours, but I can’t wait til we get a house so we can bring along my kitties (from my dad’s house)! Thanks for commenting


      1. Haha I don’t think our neighbor would like us taking his cat! I’m not sure when we’re moving yet, but we’ll be looking for houses soon and hoping to get one within a year from now (:


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