Warm weather welc0me


It’s been quite HOT here recently, so I thought I’d share a little bit of the springtime weather we had before summer came at us full force!

Justin and I went to a local park to have a walk in the sun one warm day last month ^ we had only been to this park once before when it was pouring rain (to catch Pokémon), so this was a whole new experience. It was cool enough for jeans, but I would’ve been more comfortable in shorts. We enjoyed the breeze off the water, a hike through the trails, and playing on the swings and such at the little playgrounds!

This day might not look like the warmest, but believe me it was HUMID ^ we all just had our hoodies ready for the rain that came while we walked around another park for April’s PokémonGO community day. I even had to put my hair up (rare) cause it was such a sticky day weather-wise!

Once the rain had subsided, I happily took my SHEEP hoodie off ^ I even wore my SHEEP tee shirt underneath because this day was all about catching Mareep! I would’ve happily worn shorts it was so warm that day, but this was before I had even switched out my winter clothes for summer ones. Justin wore his new Slowpoke hat (so cute). My favorite part about this location is the dog park- we actually went in and sat to rest for a while & watched all the happy doggos running around!

April surprised us with multiple warm days and May has blown us away already with some real brutal heat. I half want winter back to curl up in hoodies again, but then on the other hand, I’m excited for days in the sun (but not 90 something degrees)! I know this was a short post, and I’ll be back on Friday with another short one that includes some very cool info- keep on the lookout for that and stay safe if it’s super HOT in your area too!

36 thoughts on “Warm weather welc0me

  1. Your hair looks super lovely in a braid! The weather here is quite nice as well, all sunny and hot, but not in the morning. It’s super annoying when you go to school in the morning and it’s raining and quite cold, but then when you go back home it’s sooo hot!

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  2. It looks like it’s getting really warm there, it’s so warm here too where I live and I am blown away because it’s not even june yet haha! Loved going through this post, so many cute pictures!! ☺️ xx

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