May fav0rites


It’s time to share my faves again! Man, has May been like the longest month of the year so far or what? And it isn’t completely over just yet haha maybe it’s just me. I had to put together quite a few collages to keep the photo-count reasonable in this one…

Starting with beauty faves, I managed to paint my nails a few times this month ^ once with “Minted” by Revlon and again with “Midnight in Moscow” by OPI (sure you can tell which is which). I also found a new haircare love! It’s from the brand Amika and like all their products, it smells wonderful. This is a detangling spray that actually detangles, not just a leave-in conditioner. I’ve been using it daily on the top half of my hair before I brush through it. I just bought my second bottle (unfortunately, they don’t have a larger size). They send 3 free samples with every order, so I have 6 total now. I tried out the hair mask last night and really enjoyed it! I also picked up some sheet masks from B&BW for the first time and they’re so nice. I love how much juice they’ve got in them AND that you don’t have to rinse your face after using it- just rub in the excess and you’re glowing!

Fashion faves for May were so fun ^ I ordered again from Zaful which I was nervous to do since it’s an online store and the last time I got something, it wasn’t exactly the right fit. This was a jacket, so I purchased a size up and crossed my fingers- it came in PERFECT and I’m so happy with my new corduroy piece. I also went shopping for work clothes at Target and found this gorgeous green embroidered top! It’s my favorite shade of green on me and I love the sleeve details. I also have to mention my Tiffany & Co. jewelry collection starting as one of my favorites this month. Justin has spoiled me with beautiful necklaces and our promise rings. The newest addition is the Return to Tiffany padlock with a small, pink enamel heart on the chain as well! It’s dainty and part of my favorite collection (:

Some more faves for this month included the people and animals I loved ^ when my mom came to visit, she brought some pretty pink flowers for us! Justin and I went to my friend from high school’s college graduation party. It was hosted in my hometown and we had a lot of fun with everyone! On Mother’s Day, I ran into one of my best friend’s from elementary school- I hadn’t seen her in YEARS. I also enjoyed bathing our frogs, they love to hop around in the bedding (coconut husk) and they can get really messy! I put some filtered water in a Tupperware which is now considered their “bath tub” and set them in to wipe the dirt off. Misery looks clean & happy, doesn’t she? I also reached 500 followers this month! I was so close for a while and finally tipped the scale haha thank you all so much for your continued support of my blog. I love this community (:

I just realized I didn’t have a picture of one of my favorites OOPS but I’m sure you all know (or can imagine) what a rum & coke looks like. I’ve tried this lovely drink at a few different places this month and it seems everybody does it a bit differently. Some places you can really taste the rum, some places you get it in a tall glass, some places give you a nice slice of lime with it! My food favorite was a ramen shop Justin & I tried for the first time in May. I had an appetizer salad with ginger dressing (my favorite thing ever) and a poke bowl- another first. It was delicious! Justin got a big bowl of ramen of course…

Favorite buys? Candles. Marzia’s home collection went on sale this month, so I had to grab her Marzipan candle (which smells like almonds). It smells like someone is baking whenever we have it lit haha and the other mountain of candles came from an insane online B&BW sale where their 3-wick candles were only $10 each (that’s $14.50 off each one). We go through candles pretty quick, so I just hauled a bunch and they set such a cozy mood in our apartment. I love it!

Last, but certainly not least, my “entertainment” favorites…definitely The Sims 4 for the PS4 ^ I could create wild characters and build amazing homes for them for hours! I also had fun playing a new game with Justin called Gang Beasts. It’s a hilarious, cartoony fighting game that you can play locally against your friends or even online with others. We had a lot of laughs trying to figure out the Octo-Dad-like controls and exploring the different levels. My final favorite for this post is walking around downtown after Justin had some drinks at the grad party. He kept asking me if he looked drunk and I know he wasn’t, but he was tipsy haha and it was the cutest thing (: we walked all the way to the coffee shop to grab him a pick me up. He’s my everything and always my fave…

May has been a jam-packed month with starting my new job, seeing family and friends, trying new things…it’s been a great launch into summer as well! I can’t wait to see how June turns out- we’ve got lots of plans and there’ll be many more pics to come (:

37 thoughts on “May fav0rites

  1. Congrats on hitting 500 followers – that’s so cool! Secondly, I absolutely love that sheet mask selfie of yours it really made me smile haha ❤ I hope your June is going to be just as good xx

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  2. I really need to check out Amika products! I keep hearing such nice things about them! I’ve heard their dry shampoo mentioned a lot! Congrats on 500, that’s awesome!

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