Matcha madness


Today’s post is very green tea-centric if you couldn’t tell by the title. If you’re already a matcha fan, I hope you enjoy! If you’re not, maybe these items will change your mind…

First is the matcha smoothie I made for Justin & I one morning ^ I used plain yogurt, our regular mix of frozen fruits (peaches, pineapple, strawberries, and mango), and then added a few spoons of powdered green tea! I blended it all up in our nutri-bullet and it came out very good. We even had extra that I stored in the fridge for later *it matched my mint colored nails too*

Next on the matcha train, we tried a green tea scone mix ^ I picked this up at Justin’s work one night and decided to make them in our cupcake dish instead of the classic triangle shapes…

They came out so good! I will definitely be buying this mix again cause it was super easy to make and MAN OH MAN were they yummy (:

Back at Kokee Tea for more boba in our matching Gucci tees ^ this time Justin got the matcha bubble tea while I stuck with the classic milk. We also tried puffle cones! We went all out with the green tea pastry and matcha-flavored inside, but I wanted it with vanilla ice cream which was so tasty. One to share was the perfect amount and I’m sure we’ll be going back (:

Last but not least, my matcha lip balm from Winky Lux ^ I was anxiously awaiting the restock of this product and jumped on it when I got the notification. This stuff is awesome- it’s made with real green tea powder and feels so nourishing. It matches my nails too. Plus, look at that gorgeous packaging as always!

What’s your opinion on matcha? Love it? Hate it? Haven’t tried it yet? Let me know in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Matcha madness

    1. YAS 😛 that brand has a ton of different flavors, so the first time I saw the green tea ones- I knew I wanted to try them! They’re very very good. Thanks for your comment!


    1. I’m not too big a fan of the drink itself, but I like green-tea flavored stuff haha it’s good as a mix in (like the smoothie) though! Lemme know what you think when you try it (:

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