Bites, strikes & a film


I feel so behind on posting things we’ve done cause I had all that stuff to review in between for the past month or so, but I’m back with another “what we’ve been up to” post!

We went bowling ^ hadn’t been in forever, but it was a gloomy day and we somehow weren’t working (don’t know how that happened). So we got some drinks- a beer for Justin and an apple juice for me cause I wasn’t feeling very well. It was a bit rough getting back in the swing *lol* of bowling, but we eventually got the hang of it. You can see our scores above, we played 4 games!

Snapped some pics of Justin’s outfit ^ he was looking so FLY 😍 we stopped by Barnes & Noble (in need of a new book if you have any suggestions pls lemme know in the comments) and picked up a lil TY blind bag. Weirdly enough it was World Penguin Day and that’s the critter I pulled! Justin heard good things about Metro Diner, so we grabbed dinner there. He got a giant omelet thing and I got the chicken pot pie which was AWESOME. I got a chicken salad sandwich to-go for later on, but I didn’t like that as much. I’m very picky when it comes to chicken salad and it seems everywhere does it differently so no big deal…

Another day off (we need more of these, forreal) ^ Justin looked spectacular as usual. We were going to see A Quiet Place which was an absolutely incredible film- if you haven’t seen it, please take the time to watch it! I somehow got the wrong time for the movie off their site, so we went right next door to grab some food before the later showing. This place was super hip, the way it was designed/set up, it felt like we were on the west coast! We got sushi and drinks, although my rum & coke was not the best haha the food was yummy. It was a tad on the expensive side, but maybe we’ll go back for a special date night or something…

Then we saw the movie and I cried of course cause I’m a big baby lol it was such a great film!

Hope you guys are enjoying these almost “throwback” posts cause these days were from mid-April *oops* but I’ll be catching up soon. Have a fabulous weekend (:

19 thoughts on “Bites, strikes & a film

  1. You two are adorable as usual, and I’ve wanted to see that movie, but I’ll most probably end up crying or covering my eyes (I’ve seen the trailer and I could hear my heart beating SO LOUD) haha xx

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