Cuddly buddies


Here’s a bundle of animal babies coupled up at the zoo and a special bonus at the end! Enjoy the cuteness (:

Penguins, froggos, otters- I love their sweet toes, a turtle and a dragonfly (if you can see them), plus lots of little monkeys! Seems like everyone had a friend with them ^

Justin found his bison buddy and we discovered new baby cows hiding in the shade of the barn! They were absolutely adorable, I wish we could’ve pet them ^ also- say hello to mama peacocks sitting on some eggs (:

GIRAFFES ๐Ÿค— my favorite animal and the best part of coming to the zoo (feeding them)! They were all very excited to see us with a cup of food in our hand, as usual lol

BONUS* at home cheek kisses and my baby boys Oscar & Felix laying together on top of their cat condo ^ I miss them more everyday, can’t wait to go back to my dad’s house for Father’s Day and cuddle them!

I hope you enjoyed this quick, cutesy post of a bunch of animals we encountered at the zoo a while back. Slowly but surely getting back to the here & now with my posting schedule. A book/movie review is in the works if any of you are interested in something different on my blog (: stay tuned!

34 thoughts on “Cuddly buddies

  1. Loving the photos, I love going to the zoo and I’m actually going very soon, this has inspired me to do a post on it! I really enjoy reading your posts as your blog reminds me of a photo diary and it’s great โค

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  2. So many cute animals! My favourite animal is a penguin, so I am happy you included them. We don’t have penguins at our zoo, so everytime I am desperate to see one, we have to travel for quite a while.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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