Drinking 101


Today I’ll be telling the tale of how I got a piece of technology I never thought I’d ever want/need. Spoiler: it started with 3 strong drinks…

The day began at the zoo ^ I had dolled up with eyeshadow, painted nails, a half bun, and my favorite dress…

To the bar! Justin and I went to our fave restaurant for only drinks for the first time (even though the food is fantastic). He got some whisky drink and then two peach drinks while I opted for a berries-and-whisky cocktail in a tall glass x3

Cutesy drunken selfies afterwards while walking the mall ^ about to take a step inside the Apple store…

…and out I came with an Apple Watch ^ a gadget I never thought I’d own simply because I never thought I’d use it! Justin got his a week or so before this and raved about it. He kept showing me all the features and asking if I wanted one- to which I always replied no. But there we were, tipsy in the Apple store…so he wore me down to saying yes to this little tech piece of jewelry haha

We also popped into LUSH to grab a bath bomb because what’s a better way to end a night of sobering up than with a sweet-smelling soak? This one may look kinda weird as it makes the water yellow, but the scent is to die for!

Someone should really take my phone and/or cards from me when I drink because I went online that night and purchased 4 items from LUSH (that’s a splurge for me). I don’t regret it though! I saw Emma Blackery talking about the Full of Grace bar serum which has mushroom as an ingredient, so I tried that one first and I love it. I also got a lip scrub because I’ve needed one since wearing lots of different lippies lately. Their “Honey” one is so sweet and feels amazing! I picked the lavender massage bar cause I can’t resist lavender stuff, which brings me to the last item which is a lavender shave cream. This stuff is delightful cause it doesn’t even lather, you just rub it on and shave away (:

Box and on-wrist photos of my watch ^ I got the series 3 in rose gold with the matching band. I’ve honestly been loving it so far, it’s surprising. It’s great to have on at work because I can send pre-written replies to Justin so he knows I’ve seen his message but that I can’t get to my phone to reply at that moment. I also like that you can hatch eggs in PokémonGO with it! That was the selling point while I was slumped over the Apple store counter haha it’s been really fun to play around with though for sure. Do you have an Apple Watch? Do you prefer FitBit? Let me know in the comments (:

See ya Tuesday for another one xoxo

37 thoughts on “Drinking 101

  1. Ahh I love all your posts ❤ They make me so happy. Literally zoo, drunk kisses, a new Apple watch, and bath bombs. What else could a girl ask for haha btw I get that one massage bar pretty frequently at lush! We love it 😉

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    1. You’re so sweet omg 🤗 YAS! That’s my fave massage bar, but I also love the citrus and the strawberry (they have so many good ones). Thank you for this amazing comment, you’re the best!

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  2. HAHAHA Well at least you got something awesome out of it! Your rose gold watch is sooooo prettty I hope you’ll do a review soon? I’m an android user but samsung watches are o clunky and awful and Im really curious about the ios version! AND YESS TO LUSH PRODUCTS hahaha! Your makeup is so on point as usual!

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you! Such a wonderful comment (: I’m sure I can write up a review of it sometime soon, I appreciate your interest and input. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

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  3. I have the Apple Watch and I love it! I have a 12 year old so it’s nice when I am working and if he needs me he can text me and I can reply right away with out taking out my phone. Have a great weekend!

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  4. I actually don’t have any idea about the features of apple watch. I mean.. does it tell you what time is it? 😀 Anyway, speaking of having no idea about how certain things work, I’ve never tried a bath bomb in my life. And I feel like I’m missing out on a lot, right..? 😀
    I’m glad you guys had a nice time 🙂

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    1. Yes, it does tell the time and so much more! I might make a review on it if I can ever write anything up haha and yes again- please try a bath bomb (: they’re absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for your comment xoxo

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    1. Aww thank you!!! Get yourself to a zoo haha maybe find a little local place if there’s not a bigger one nearby- or even visiting a shelter is really nice (:


  5. You 2 are adorable! 😍

    I got my dad an android version of the watch for Christmas last year. He’d been talking about them for months, but didn’t want to foot the bill, so I surprised him with one. It’s his dress watch now. 😄

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  6. OH god, drunk shopping is the best shopping i swear. Bad decisions, good decisions, all that jazz. I’ve never really thought of trying the Apple watches, because I’m way too clumsy and I’d break the screen while opening the fridge or something LOL. I love your LUSH haul too, though the yellow shade was a little disconcerting. But hey! No judging a book by it’s cover right?

    Had so much fun reading your post as always! xx

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  7. This was such a fun post to read, ahah.
    Love your outfit, hair and makeup. Love your purchases while “tipsy” (ahah) and the apple watch seems cool.

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  8. I never liked wearing watches because I just don’t like how they feel on my wrist, so I would never buy an Apple watch probably. I’ve definitely made quite a few purchases while drunk though. It’s hard to resist sometimes. 😛

    I love that mint green nail polish color! I’m loving that color at the moment. I’ve also really been into yellow at the moment too, so I think that bath bomb looks lovely. Even if it slightly resembles pee. lol I had one that same color before too.

    The photos of you with the lip scrub are so satisfying! I love lip scrubs and how my lips feel afterwards. Such a great feeling.

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for this awesome comment! Secondly, it was hard for me to get use to the watch too- I really only wear it at work. Thirdly, yellow is my favorite color (: and yes- the lip scrub is fantastic! Thanks again haha

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  9. I love your makeup!!
    Can you plz tell me why that giraffe looks like Davy Jones, the captain of Flying Dutchman from the movie Pirates of Carribean?? 😁😁😁

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