Mem0rial d0wnp0ur


A fitting post as it’s raining as I type this. But anyways, my mom got a new house! So Justin & I visited her for Memorial Day…

We ran out for a few last minute groceries at the Food Lion near her new place and picked up drinks too! We got a fresh watermelon, potato salad, and a bag salad for sides. Justin really liked the sparkling sangria he bought from his workplace, but I wasn’t a fan haha he actually got pretty tipsy from just a small glass cause the alcohol content is higher than the beers he’s used to ^

Mom’s yard is really nice cause it’s surrounded by tall, skinny trees ^ her neighbors made an obnoxious bonfire (you can see a tiny bit of it in the right side of my selfie) that she was very concerned about. It was huge and shaking the tree branches above it. I wore a blue crop top and my patterned red shorts to match my lipstick and keep the look patriotic!

Justin tried out mom’s anti-gravity chair and almost fell asleep ^ he also brought along the camera and took some random pics, including one of my legs haha Macy isn’t quite a selfie-pro just yet, but I managed to get a few photos with her!

We were going to grill burgers, but we didn’t have the right starter stuff for it, so mom had to improvise with a pan over a little fire outside. Halfway into cooking them, it started to pour, so we had to bring them in and bake them the rest of the way. They still turned out really yummy with everything else we had (: we walked down the road to grab ice cream as the rain calmed a bit. Then we stood by the lake for a while and watched the water on the water! Macy was not a fan of the thunder that came with it though, poor baby…

Can’t wait to go back and see my ladies again soon! Hopefully the weather will hold up and be nicer for us then (:

How did you all spend your Memorial Day weekend? Is the weather rainy near you or nice? Let me know in the comments

21 thoughts on “Mem0rial d0wnp0ur

    1. Sheโ€™s really enjoying having it all to herself and decorating (: Iโ€™m looking forward to seeing how it looks next time we visit! Thanks for your comment


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