COOLA new pick-ups


Back with another product post! This time I’ve got multiple things I’m excited to tell you all about, so let’s get into the free stuff first…

First off, I received another VoxBox from Influenster free for reviewing purposes ^ this included two products from the same brand: COOLA! One is an SPF 30 hair & scalp spray that protects against the sun’s harmful rays. This is neat because it’s something Justin can try too. The other is a dropper of sun block that’s super silky- something I’m not scared to put on (cause most sunscreens make me break out when I apply them on my face). I’ll definitely be using these both this summer when I know we’ll be out in the sun all day long!

The other freebies were these Kiehl’s samples we were given at Sak’s ^ I’ve already tried the eye cream and loved it!

The next brand I want to talk about is Kroma ^ they sell BPA free cases for your iPhone that come separately as frames & backplates. I ordered the black frame and 2 different floral backplates that I can change out whenever I feel like! I’m adoring the roses I have on my phone now. I also ordered the blush pink frame they just released on their site and some new backplates to match. Right now online, they’re running a deal that if you buy one frame and backplate- they’ll give you another backplate of your choosing for free! Check them out: KROMA

Onto boxes- I reached out to Scent Trunk to design my personalized fragrance ^ they sent me a kit to pick out my favorite and least favorite fragrance families, then take their test online so they could formulate my perfect perfume! Their first attempt was a bit too masculine for my preference as they took my liking for the wood scent a bit too harshly, but they’ll re-formulate the next scent to me for free and on til they get it just right. I’m very excited to keep working with them in order to find my ideal fragrance (:

Next box is something I didn’t subscribe too (cause we already have a tea box we get monthly), but a company I supported on Kickstarter who’s reward was a sample box of their teas ^ they also included an extra blooming tea since I donated to their project. The teas have been awesome so far, and the tea ball included works very well! I can’t wait to try the other teas. If you’re interested in this box, you can find them at @TasteOfTeaOfficial on Instagram and Facebook (:

The last box is something I think is such a great idea ^ it’s called Vitamin Packs and it’s another personalized box. You answer a bunch of questions online and they pick vitamins to suit your needs. Once you’re shown the list of their recommendations, you can hand select which ones you want to include in your box and which ones you don’t think are as important. I opted for 3 categories in mine- as opposed to the 5 that were presented to me at the end of my little quiz. What I love about this is how much information you’re given on everything in your package, they give you loads of paperwork to help you learn about them as a company and also what you’ve been sent. It comes with a travel bag and a big box of vitamin packs to dispense daily! This company gives back to families as well with every box purchased which is just the cherry on top of something already so fantastic. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can use my referral link here to get $20 off your first box: Vitamin Packs

To wrap this up, I’ve got 3 new books to start reading ^ Lion: A Long Way Home, The Martian, and We Have Always Lived In The Castle. I can’t decide which to start first though. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment and help a girl out (: thanks for reading and I’ll see you all this Friday for more fun!

23 thoughts on “COOLA new pick-ups

  1. Omg these boxes all sound amazing. Especially that scent one! I was wondering why there was another tea box that wasn’t the usual box. I was thinking I might have to switch! And The Martian was fun to read so I hope you like it!

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  2. Ooh I love that phone case! It’s beautiful! And the vitamin subscription box sounds like something I need, haha – I have a lot of minor issues I’m sure could easily be fixed xD

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    1. Yes! I’m loving the Kroma cases, you should definitely check out the deal they’ve got going on their site (: the vitamins are such a nice way to stay as healthy as you can without having to change up to much of your normal routine. I appreciate your comment xoxo


    1. I can’t wait to get my new ones this weekend! I’ll definitely post pics (: yeah, you should totally check out the vitamin packs and get that $20 off haha glad you liked everything


  3. Wow! These products look so amazing. Can you please share your views about Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment and Midnight recovery eye cream? I am thinking of buying a new eye cream🙂🙂💕💕

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