Games & g0bbles


Here’s a random collection of food & fun photos from the past month or so…enjoy!

Justin and I visited the new Mellow Mushroom location that’s near my work ^ it was just as spectacularly delicious as the original and I’m sure we’ll be going back for more hummus & drinks again soon!

We got a donut on free donut day ^ got tacos at California Pizza Kitchen- oddly enough haha and some fabulous drinks! Another morning, Justin made French toast for us which were super scrumptious. Later that week, we made a Panera run and I got my fave: chicken salad sandwich. Another night we had mini crab cakes at home that I paired with a colorful salad. I also discovered a great new drink recipe of ginger ale, Malibu, and lime (:

A journey to Stony Point resulted in rolled ice cream from a business I won’t even name cause the service was horrible lol but the cold treat (when we finally got it) was yummy and refreshing on a hot day. The story behind our Olive Garden dinner is kind of a funny one- I saw a commercial during my lunch break the day before that OG was now serving lasagna with toppings! I got ravioli on mine and it was to die for. They have the best drinks here, and even offer a free wine sample that we didn’t choose to accept this time…

Dave & Buster’s was a blast to celebrate my friend Shannon’s birthday ^ we all got drinks and dinner, Justin’s treat! Then my friend Kaila had a groupon to get everyone discounted play cards- we ended up adding more of course later. It was an awesome night and everyone enjoyed themselves (:

Hope you liked this little wrap-up of our adventures throughout the last month. I’m sure they’ll be much more “food porn” photos to come haha enjoy your 4th and stay safe!

26 thoughts on “Games & g0bbles

  1. That drink from Dave & Busters looks so good! Everything looks good, actually. Although, I didn’t like Krispy Kreme when I tried it. I thought their donuts were too sweet. We have Krumpes here where I live, and they’re the best ever!

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    1. It was a mango strawberry “snow cone” with Bacardi, but it just tasted like sugar haha Krispy Kreme is definitely not as good as Dunkin’ Donuts, but it was closer to us at the time! Best donut is one from DD with strawberry frosting and sprinkles (: thanks for commenting

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