Dad’s at Sam’s


Father’s Day was about a month ago, so it’s only natural that I’m just getting to posting about it now…

One of my sisters just got a house with her fiancé, so she offered to host us all there for Dad’s special day ^ it’s a beautiful place! I put together a veggie platter to bring along and all the fixings to make lemon bars once we arrived. Hunter (their dog) was very interested in all the kitchen mayhem haha

We all snacked and chatted while the food was being made- Samantha grilled burgers for us! Then after our meal, Dad opened his gifts and cards. Justin & I got him some different dark chocolates from a new shop we discovered near us, and he was happy to try them (: he had just got back from a motorcycle vacation riding around Europe, so he had lots of stories to tell…

It was really just a chill day to relax with family and catch up with what all of us have been up to ^ since everyone is grown and living their lives, it’s hard to keep track sometimes! We took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood to check out where they’ve shacked up, and it’s so nice and secluded. They have a big yard and lots of privacy with how far apart the other houses are- the windows in Sam’s house make for spectacular selfie lighting, so you know I had to take advantage haha

How did you all spend Father’s Day? Anyone you know buying a house? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading (:

18 thoughts on “Dad’s at Sam’s

  1. Aww what a fun and relaxing day! I love spending days like that with family. And a new house for your sister that’s exciting! That’s nice to be surrounded by so much land too. Do you guys hunt? Haha and that moth reminds me of pink lemonade.

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  2. Awww I love family time and y’all just gathering around the kitchen whipping up a meal! Hunter is so cute! And your dad is so cool!? A motorcycle vacation! What a lovely time yall had!

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  3. From what I can see, your sisters house is gorgeous! I LOVE the floors, and the kitchen backsplash is nice too. The veggie platter looks so cute, and of course delicious too. I love veggies! I wish I had some here to eat right now. I didn’t even see my dad on Father’s Day, and I feel bad about it. =/ I don’t wake up until the afternoon, and he works third shift so he had to go to sleep late afternoon to be up that night for work.

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    1. Totally! I’d have shown more of it, but I felt weird taking pictures of empty rooms haha we stocked up on veggies the other day cause I was craving them (: so yummy. I’m sure you’ll get a good day with your dad soon and he’ll really appreciate it- sometimes holidays just don’t work with our schedules. I appreciate your comment!

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