Welcome to “a bunch of pictures I wanted to post that didn’t really have a theme or weren’t enough to make a full post out of” compilation of photos! Enjoy…

Justin and I eating at Mezeh (one of my favorite food places) Mediterranean grill ^ I wore the sage green version of my fave tank from AE

A bit of shopping at Urban afterwards ^ those first pair of pants screamed HONOR at me when I saw them! Didn’t end up getting the dungaree dress as the straps weren’t adjustable and they were too big 😦

Another Blue Apron meal Justin made for us ^ it was Korean-style beef and it was delicious!

This day, we had to drive back to the Subaru dealership to sign a few more papers ^ we made a day of it by stopping in the Petco nearby and grabbing lunch at a Greek place called Taziki’s which was super yummy! I wore a new striped ringer tee from H&M and distressed black mom-shorts from AE

At Big Field Day, there was a vendor selling bumper stickers and tee shirts ^ so I got this mountain range/sunset bear for my car! I love it and think it goes very well (:

Hope you liked this quick and easy post to start off this hectic week (we have inventory at work and I’m gonna be exhausted by this time next week). I’ll see y’all Friday still with another family event post!

15 thoughts on “Rand0m0nium

  1. I love those trousers – I always enjoy your picture posts ! It will be such nice memories for you both to long back on in years to come x

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  2. I love the striped t-shirt.. I love anything yellow 😀 It’s such a happy colour. And the food looks, one again, really delicious. And I bet it tasted delicious as well. 🙂

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