Sam’s at M0m’s


Happy Friday! Earlier this month, my older sister had a birthday and we all got together at my mom’s to celebrate- my dad even came (the first family event him and my mom were at together since their divorce), so it was a big deal for us. Here’s some pics I got throughout the day…

Justin and I got ready in our summery attire for a beautiful sunny day by the lake ^ I wore my new dress from Urban and we took my car out there to show my family!

I love this dress if you couldn’t tell ^ Macy was happy to see us and eventually came back inside the house to chill with everyone…

Mom grilled steaks and veggies outside and baked some yummy potatoes too ^ Samantha loved her gifts and cards! Then we all headed to the backyard for more fun in the sun…

Luckily, mom’s house is in just the right place to block her yard from the sun ^ it was nice out, but still very warm! After cornhole was set up and everyone had done their practice throws- the games begun. Justin was enjoying his time off with a drink (since I was DD) and Chelsea gave me a silly face as she photobombed Sam & Zach. They were the ultimate champions after all the teams had played the previous winner. I’m absolutely awful at it haha I think I got 3 points total out of both games we played. Macy had a great time watching us throw the bean bags back and forth though!

At a decent time, everyone started to say their goodbyes and we actually went home before it got dark out ^ which I much prefer driving in, especially when I’m not comfortable with the route yet. It was such a lovely family event and I think everyone enjoyed their time together (:

We get to see mom again Monday for the first time since she’s got home from her mission trip to Guatemala- we’re going to take her to the fine arts museum by us. It should be a relaxing day since it’s forecasted to rain anyways haha wish us luck & thanks for reading as always!

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