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Today’s post is going to be a little different because the original idea scheduled for today had to be postponed due to delayed arrival of some special (and important) pieces! But improvisation is key when you’re on a schedule and I seem to always have extra pictures and ideas laying around just in case, so let’s jump into it…

Way back whenever, I was re-watching some old Marzia videos and saw the one where she took a personality test online. This sparked me to do the same and the initial test gave me the conclusion that my personality is INTROVERTED, SENSING, THINKING, and JUDGING which I believe to be quite accurate- especially as the title of my group of individuals is called “The Traditionalists” and we only make up 9% of the world’s population! The characteristics of this category of personalities is spot on as well, including: honest, direct, decisive, efficient, systematic, dedicated, responsible, strong-willed, organized, reliable, value tradition & stability, committed, and trustworthy. This list makes me think about my work ethic and how I am at my job. A lot of my co-workers over the years have told me I’m “quiet” but I’m actually just focused. I’m there to do the tasks assigned to me, not to socialize! This wasn’t the only test I took because like those silly Facebook quizzes…who can stop at one?

The next test was called the big 5 and gauged 5 major dimensions of personality ^ I received a HIGH assessment for my extraversion as well as my agreeableness. I received a MEDIUM assessment for my neuroticism and openness to experience. I received a LOW assessment for my conscientiousness. I don’t feel as if this test was overall as accurate as the first, but the openness to experience tidbit I kept in the screenshot is pretty dead on! It makes a lot of sense with the way I blog- my post schedule, my notes and ideas, the ability to shift to a different thing if my first attempt isn’t quite perfected (example: this post)…

Calling all Libras ^ this is the test to see if you’re as balanced as your sign suggests! I’m proud (and not surprised) to say, I’m all in the middle on this one. I’m totally balanced…

Another test I took that I didn’t get a good screenshot of (cause it had too many pages) was called “Locus of Control” and my end result showed I have an INNER locus of control, meaning when things happen in the world- I believe we influence the events and outcomes in our lives as opposed to blaming everything on outside forces. I’m sure this is mostly accurate, but I also still thank the Lord for the magnificent things in my life because I know we couldn’t have anything without our God and creator (:

My true color is purple? This must only be true because there isn’t a yellow option ^ my other results were 10% orange and 14% each for blue and green. While I can’t remember what those ones meant, the important one is the 45% majority of purple. The characteristics associated with these people are: loyal, dependable, prepared, organized, and caring. While this one is the most vague and generalized, I can still see where it sums up what the other tests revealed. I hope this gave you a better idea of who I am as a person behind all the photos (:

What’s your personality profile like?

39 thoughts on “Pers0nality, testing 1 2 3

  1. Doing personality tests are such a fun way of killing some time haha! Whenever I do the 16 personalities one, I end up being an INFJ. I’ve never tried the colour one though, it sounds like fun!

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  2. I’ve done one before through my work and I was I was similar to INFJ but can’t remember exactly – I’m gonna do it again these are so interesting!x

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  3. Your bee shirt is sooo pretty! Last time I did a personality test I ended up being an INFP (if I remember correctly). The colour test seems so fun. I didn’t know it was a thing. I’m excited to try it!

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  4. I love the idea of a color test! I want to know what color I am (hopefully pink, if that’s an option). As for my personality, I am an INFJ, which is labeled as “the protector” or “the advocate” depending on who you’re talking to.

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    1. I think there were only those 4 colors (green, blue, purple, and orange). But there might be variations of that tests on other sites that have more colors! I think when I took the test years ago, I was “the advocate” too- seems very popular in my comments section (:

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  5. I haven’t done these sorts of quizzes in years but it was so cool to read this post! It is interesting to see your results and that they were pretty accurate. I will for sure end up doing this soon out of curiosity!

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  6. I was so about to do this on my blog couple of months ago 😀 Back then, I was doing the test from 16Personalities, the website Marzia did a video on really long time ago.

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