Squirtle squad


Welcome to PokémonGO Community Day, July edition! The special lil monster we were looking for on the 8th of this month was Squirtle and we caught a ton of them…

It was a beautiful day, sunny and 85 as the high- so we went to an equally beautiful place: Maymont! There were quite a few people walking the grounds as it was a weekend in the middle of summer, but it wasn’t too crowded. I wore my blue floral dress to get into the “water type” mood haha and at 2 o’clock, we started seeing the Squirtle popping up on our screens…

There were shiny Squirtle out too (it’s a lighter blue with a green shell), but I didn’t get any pics as I was afraid they’d run away ^ but we found the cutest spot for photos. Also found a nice shady spot where Justin’s shirt matched the flowers in the background- he’s so handsome!

There was also a chance to catch a Squirtle with sunglasses (like from the tv show), and we even managed to get THOSE shiny! We took our signature Bear statue photo as tradition and got to see the real bears up and about ^ there’s 2 in the pic if you can find them…

It was a successful day in the park and another fun community day spent together. Next month is Eevee and we’re both very excited about the shinies that’ll come with that day! Stay tuned for the next installment of this monthly series…

After a full day in the sun, we were beat and enjoyed the rest of our evening off lounging around on the couch and watching other people play the same game on YouTube (:

Do you play PokémonGO? What level are you? What’s your favorite Pokémon? Let me know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading!

16 thoughts on “Squirtle squad

  1. This post is the exact opposite of my experience accompanying a friend on the Charmander community day a few weeks back. It was rainy, cold and freezing, but finally got a shiny one lol

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    1. Oh no! I had to work that day, so I only caught a few on my break- but didn’t get a shiny (really wanted it cause it’s yellow). Hopefully we’ll both have pleasant weather for August (:


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