July fav0rites


Did July fly by, or what? This whole summer seems to be going very fast- idk if it’s all the work or the weather being mostly crap, but I can’t believe it’s almost August! Anyway, here’s some things I’ve been loving this month…

This tea subscription box is a familiar staple in my favorites posts nowadays ^ July’s group of teas was extra perfect as it included a green, oolong, black, and herbal that were all delicious! If you haven’t heard of Simple Loose Leaf, they send 4 different teas every month for only $9 which is such a great deal. If you like tea or want to try something new, I totally recommend them!

The next fave is an app ^ it’s called ColorSnap and it’s actually a paint finder, but there’s this cool feature where you can find shades from an uploaded picture. So even though we aren’t painting our apartment or anything- it was super fun to see all these beautiful samples from my photos! Something to play around with (:

I’ve been mastering the art of the French braid this month as it’s getting hotter and I’ve got a lot of hair ^ I think I’ve got much better since my first attempt, with all the practice I’ve had. We also dyed our hair last month! I got the regular bleach for Justin since he’s already pretty blonde & got the ombrรฉ kit for me cause I just wanted slightly lighter ends. For at-home color, they came out really well! What do you think?

A few more random faves ^ who doesn’t enjoy Snapchat filters when they’re bored? I’ve been loving having fresh fruits at home to snack on. The peaches we got recently were so juicy and sweet, they went perfectly with an egg on English muffin for breakfast. I got new cases from Kroma- they’re still running the buy 1 frame and backplate, get a second backplate FREE promotion + they’ve got new Marzia collab designs to pair with her summer Linee collection! I matched this to my nails by using my favorite shade of dusty pink polish…

Old pictures ^ finally got these from Justin’s phone a while back and was waiting for a fitting post to add them to! Out of the vault pics from months ago after a college grad party for one of my friends from back in high school. I loved my outfit and look how HOT Justin looks (with his natural hair color haha). Checking out old photos is so much fun, that’s why I take so many!

The last 2 are together in some of these pics ^ my fave faves of July are my lovely bug print blouse by ASOS via Depop and my incredibly gorgeous new necklace by Tiffany from my wonderful boyfriend. The first was something I saw Marzia wearing in one of her older videos, so naturally it was sold out on the original website. I found a girl selling one online and grabbed it right away! It was coming from across the pond, so it took a little bit to arrive, but I’m so happy it fits. I actually gave it to my mom to bring to an alterations lady to have one more button added to the top because without it- I feel like I’d have to wear another layer underneath to not be showing everyone my bra or more. Now, I just have to visit my mom again to have the newly improved top in hand! The latter, is the most precious piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned and coming from the most precious person in my life makes it even more important. He surprised me with it for no apparent occasion than him having extra business success this month. I am blessed to have such a romantic sweetheart as my partner. He’s always my favorite (:

Did you enjoy your July? Ready for August or do you wish summer would slow down? Let me know in the comments!

48 thoughts on “July fav0rites

  1. Such great favorites! I agree it has gone by way to fast! I can’t believe it! I loved looking at all your pictures! Your hair turned out so pretty! And that tea box looks like so much fun! I hope August is equally as great fo you sweets! โค

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    1. Iโ€™m obsessed with them! Glad itโ€™s a subscription cause it means I donโ€™t have to log on and order every time I run out (: thanks for commenting


  2. Your ombrรฉ hair looks gorgeous! And well done on the attempt of a French braid. They can be very tricky, I know. ๐Ÿ˜‚ And who doesn’t love playing around with SnapChat filters. Me and my younger sister are always mucking around with them. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Also, that app is a must have for me. I’ve never heard of Simple Loose Tea. I’ll have to try them. Thanks for the lovely post. Can’t wait to see more xx

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  3. Your nails look gorgeous, I keep trying to grow mine out but fail everytime ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I only end up chipping my nail polish at work! I also love looking at old photos, I use freeprints photobooks to create little photo albums to keep or to give to Rhys. I always think about doing monthly favourites, but I am forever forgetting!! Lovely post Xx

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  4. Omg the app colorsnap is so cool!? And I love your french braid btw, your naturally wavy curly hair is so nice with it! That purple bug blouse is sooooooooooooo pretty!!! Ahhhh I really love it! What a wonderful July!

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