C0l0nial greenery


Happy August, happy Friday, happy first day of my 6 days in a row off (with no pay cause I don’t have vacation time yet)! It’s the last month of summer, so today I’m looking back on a day that didn’t go as planned- but still ended up one of my favorite days regardless. Cause what is summertime without a little spontaneity?

You might remember from my Big Field Day post that I mentioned we didn’t go to the last (would’ve been our first) Warped Tour because I wasn’t feeling well…this was that day, this is what we did instead in order to not waste a perfectly good day off ^ we took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg which is only like an hour away from us!

It was the perfect alternative for feeling under the weather because it’s such a chill place, you can walk the grounds for free or purchase a day pass in order to enter all the buildings and see events, etc. Luckily, we had beautifully clear weather to accompany us ^ I wore one of my favorite blouses from Target, khaki shorts from AE, and brought along my yellow backpack!

Funnily enough, the first worker-person we ran into was probably less than 5 minutes into our adventure ^ he was dressed as a farmer and had his arms full of fresh veggies from the garden. As we passed, he asked us if we wanted a cucumber…of course we said yes and happily took it! After rinsing it off at a nearby water fountain, Justin bit right into it and we passed the thing back and forth til we had finished it all haha it was perfectly ripe and a great refreshment on such a warm day!

When you look at all the pictures I took, you’ll realize why it was so easy to choose a title for this post ^ I couldn’t help myself but to go into amateur-photographer-mode with all the gorgeous scenery and GREENERY that surrounded us! This enormously gorgeous tree was the perfect shade spot for photos and a resting place when we were both a bit worn out from the walk so far…

We were blessed to come across tons of wildlife as well ^ including a brave squirrel, a long-necked fuzzy baby bird, some frogs poking their heads out of the water, and a scared bunny too! Not to mention the farm animals that were behind the fence. The architecture is incredible too, the amount of detail that went into rebuilding and restoring the many shops and houses to give that extremely immersive feeling as if you’re really walking back through time…

We also saw a few horse and buggies rolling down the streets ^ the most fun we had was just walking and talking, exploring on our own and taking pictures of anything that we thought seemed extra cool or special. It was my idea to wear matching shoes and I think we looked freaking adorable! I gave Justin a sassy glance from behind my fan he got for me- towards the end of the day, the warmth was getting to be a bit much…

Some extra selfies and whatnot for the end here ^ we bought a horseshoe and the nice lady engraved our names into it (the back says 2018 also). I got my dad a quill toothpick and my mom some sunflower seeds (the kind you plant, not to eat). Justin & I enjoyed walking through the gardens, where the bunny from before was hiding. You take so much in in a place like this, but it’s still enjoyable for the way I was feeling that day- it wouldn’t have been smart for us to go to something as high paced and extreme as Warped Tour, but Williamsburg? It was spectacular.

I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at nature photography with all the ivy, moss, and other varied greenery in this post! Have you ever been to Williamsburg? What’s your favorite place to go even when you’re feeling under the weather? Let me know in the comments (:

23 thoughts on “C0l0nial greenery

  1. Mmmm its so pretty and serene out here? Also no crowded!? So peaceful! Gorgeous photos and what a wonderful way to spend your time on your days off! (:

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