What a girl wants


Today is kind of a filler post because I’m STILL waiting on a few more things to be delivered before I can put up the post that’s been delayed for close to a month now (not gonna spoil what it is though). So I’ve put together some photos of things I got for myself and things Justin got for me over the past few weeks to make a little “haul” post for you guys today!

The first couple of items are from Tiffany & Co. that Justin surprised me with a little while ago ^ he said they were just something cute he saw when he was out shopping for clients and thought he’d pick them up for me. The first are “paper” cups that are actually bone China and we’ve been good so far at taking great care in not chipping or breaking them completely. The second thing is a lovely pen with a big Tiffany T as the clip. Justin got himself a pen probably a year ago from there and it’s such a weird thing to buy from a jewelry store, but also something really beautiful that’s practical as well. I love it and I will NOT be bringing it to work (in fear of totally losing it). He’s such a sweetheart…

The next bit isn’t a gift, but more of a treat ^ we went to Baker’s Crust and I got the tomato & mozzarella panini. It was delicious! The chips were super good too and even though I ordered a lemonade- but was served a sweet tea (which I don’t normally like), it was very tasty. We were originally going to eat at Boathouse, but it was way too packed and noisy that day. Hopefully we can find the time soon to go back and try again…

Can’t have a food post without drinks as well ^ this month’s tea subscription came in and I immediately made myself a cup! I had the Grand Keemun black tea and steeped the Kashmiri chai for Justin- I don’t like chai, but I’m glad he does. I loved my tea and he seemed to enjoy his too. I had the Green hibiscus the next morning which could’ve used a little sugar, but was still really great on its own (especially for one as usually bitter as a hibiscus tea). Last is the Berry chamomile which I think I’ll make into a cup for myself tonight, and I’m sure it’ll be fantastic…

Lets take a minute to appreciate the incredible artwork and photography in this beautiful box set ^ arguably my favorite TV series of all time (in close range with Friends), Teen Wolf was on MTV for 6 seasons and made my high school years (and beyond) that much better. I somehow didn’t manage to catch part 2 of the last season when it aired live, so I bought all the dvds and now Justin & I are watching it from the beginning. We currently just finished season 3 and if you’ve seen this show, you know that’s got a pretty shocking/sad ending. We’re ready to keep going though and I’m excited to finally see what wraps up the series when we get there! Have you ever watched Teen Wolf? Who’s your favorite character from the series? Let me know in the comments (:

Last little present to myself ^ this super cool color-changing flower lip balm from one of my all time favorite makeup brands: Winky Lux! This stuff is so freaking neat! So it’s a clear balm and it turns your lips a perfect pink by reacting with the pH- meaning it looks a bit different on everyone. If you’re planning to get this, be warned that the flavor isn’t great, so just try not to lick your lips after applying. These come in a range of flower colors from pink to yellow, including blue, purple, and green too! It’s such a nice product and even though there aren’t different shades, I want more of these haha

Hope you liked a look through this haul-type post today and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to publish the post I’ve been waiting on soon, so keep an eye out and thanks again for stopping by!

32 thoughts on “What a girl wants

  1. Hahahaha I was “does Tiffany&Co make paper cups? They look like the real deal. I love the idea of a tea subscription. I don’t think I’d get one but I buy different teas to try often. I’m into this cold brews now, I just stick them into my water bottle. My favorite flavor is apple&blueberry. Hugs 🤗

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    1. Aren’t they the best? I can’t wait til we have enough room in our kitchen (when we get a house) to have our own George Forman grill- homemade paninis are even better! Thanks for commenting (:

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  2. The flower lip balm is so awesome! I love the idea of a tea subscription! That’s so right up my alley. Those are sweet gifts our bf picked out for you! You said he was shopping for clients, is he a personal shopper?

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    1. I got addicted to the lip balm so quick! It’s nice to not need a mirror to apply it, but you still get the pretty color (: and the tea is a blessing for only $9 a month. He actually owns his own business 👍🏼

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