Introducing, the post you’ve all been waiting for (well I have): my jewelry haul from Marzia’s new brand Maì and a late look at what came in this quarter’s subscription box! I was finally able to pick up my Notte set from the post office today, and even though I’m still waiting on the Foglia bracelet- that’ll be included in my August favorites once it comes in the mail (probably tomorrow or super soon). I’m very excited to be sharing these with you now, let’s get into all the pics!

This quarter’s subscription box was mermaids themed and the stuff inside was so perfectly picked for summer fun ^ it included an Ariel makeup brush (which I gifted to my sister cause she’s a huge Little Mermaid fan), coconut hair gel that’s great for an easy scrunched look, face jewels for all your festival needs- this was another in her ongoing artist series, so there were specially made items as well. Like the temporary tattoos, a cute print, and some adorable patches! All by artist Bethany Grace (:

One of my favorite items from this box was the supernova shadow by Colourpop ^ I just dabbed some on and spread it across my lid with my finger and it’s so sparkly! Of course Justin got great pics of my eyes half closed, so that actually helped show it off a bit better haha thanks babe (:

Another one I’ve tried is the Juice Beauty green apple peel ^ which left my skin feeling so fresh and new! It smells lovely as well, I’ll definitely be using it once a week…

And lastly, to segway us into the jewelry portion of this post…the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea lipstick in shade Skinny Dip ^ it’s a flattering nude that’s easy to wear and looks great with any makeup look or no other makeup at all! I’m also wearing the Foglia necklace in gold from Maì which you might’ve caught little glimpses of in the other photos above. Here’s a closer look…

This gorgeous gold necklace is an adjustable choker with a dainty leaf charm in the middle, surrounded by two gemstones on each side- one green, the other pink ^ it’s lovely for any occasion and I’ve just been adoring it ever since I got it!

This is the Notte set (minus earrings that I can’t wear) which is another adjustable choker and bracelet in mixed gold & white gold with little sun and moon charms ^ I was so excited she brought these back because I wasn’t able to purchase them within the time frame of their first (limited) release on her old website. I love the details of the faces on them!

These didn’t get to me as quickly as the Foglia necklace and they’re actually why this post had to be delayed so long ^ I wanted to wait for the matching Foglia bracelet to arrive too, but I didn’t want to keep putting it off once I’d finally gotten ahold of the Notte stuff. It’s entirely the fault of the postal service around here and nothing wrong with Maì or their shipping or anything like that. Marzia let me know that I can come to them with any issues I have, which is fantastic customer relations, but I told her it was all a big mix up with the post office people. Basically, these are signature confirm (obviously cause they’re gold) and when we weren’t home to sign, they sent it back to a “post office” that was really just a big truck that drives around with a bunch of packages on it and doesn’t necessarily have an exact address. Justin helped me so much by looking for the truck, trying to have the items redelivered, calling USPS to figure out why they weren’t being brought back to our apartment, and finally getting someone to move my stuff to a physical building for pick up. We got them today and I rejoiced! He’s been a huge helping hand through all of it while I’ve had to work most days for the hours the post office would’ve been open. I can’t thank my sweet man enough for all the trouble he went through (:

I’m just elated to have the Notte set of necklace & bracelet, and almost both pieces of the Foglia set too! That’ll definitely be a fave this month cause I already know it’s beautiful and I’m gonna love it. I hope this post was worth the wait and the read, thank you all so much for your constant support and kind comments on my blog!

42 thoughts on “MerMAÌds

  1. Omg the eyeshadow is so pretty!!! And its from colorpop! I can’t wait to get my hands on it now! Also the tarte lippie is so gorgeous on you, it really brightens your face! Her jewelry is so delicate and elegant I love it! Great post!

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  2. I really love the Notte set! I really wanted to buy the gold earrings when they came out, but I couldn’t afford it. Oh well, maybe one day I’ll own something from Mai, haha!
    Oh, and that eyeshadow is so pretty!

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    1. I wish I could wear the earrings! My ears are just rude and don’t like earrings except the ones I got pierced with lol I hope she releases something you can get your hands on soon (: thanks for reading

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  3. I love the jewelry! That seems like such a pain to get it delivered though. Hopefully next time it isn’t so crazy! I know people that get stuff delivered to the office (especially around holidays) because someone is there to receive it!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, it would be a lot easier if the people who are supposed to work at our front office were actually there half the time they’re supposed to be /: but I’m hoping the bracelet I’m waiting on comes while we’re home haha thanks for reading

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  4. You got some great stuff! Your skin looks so nice and glowy in those photos of you wearing that Tarte lipstick. I love that shade too! I have a similiar color in a NYX lipstick and it’s one of my favorites. I haven’t used that Green Apple peel, but I do have the Green Apple moisturizer. It makes me skin feel sticky though.

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      1. I’m always leery when my skin looks decent because I know a breakout is on it’s way. I’m going through one now, and it always leaves scars behind. As soon as the scars start fading, I break out again.

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    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! I wouldn’t say it’s too big, I think it fits well and has an adjustable chain if needed. The charms themselves are the perfect size too (:


    1. Thank you very much ^_^ and no, but I do have some Marzia items on my Depop (under the same name as here) and I also have the off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt from her Linee collection with tags that I haven’t listed yet. Let me know if you’re interested in any of those! Mention that you commented here in my Depop DMs and I’ll give you a discount ❤


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