Wining & hiking


For the first 2 days of our “vacation” Justin and I visited my mom at her house by the lake. She took us to her fave local winery the first evening and then we went on a hike the morning after…

I decided to take my time getting ready (since I had the time for once) and glammed up with my Colourpop supernova shadow and Winky Lux color-changing lip balm ^ I also donned my burgundy ringer dress paired with see-through floral socks and my brown dress shoes. I finished the look with my Foglia choker! Justin looked absolutely stunning in his polka dot polo (:

At the winery ^ the tasting room actually used to be a Cessna hanger! There was live music as well, that’s one of the reasons mom wanted to bring us that night. They were awesome and the wines we tasted were very good. I opted for a glass of the white (can’t remember for the life of me anything else about it), and Justin got the rosé. You can bring your own food, so mom had Jerk chicken prepared and potatoes- it was all delicious!

The whole environment was so chill and there weren’t too many people because the weather was quite overcast ^ luckily, it only sprinkled once or twice while we were there. The staff brought out little appetizers/snacks an hour or so into the event, and Justin just about ate all of them! We also got to pet a super soft puppy (:

Everything was just so aesthetically pleasing and perfect for blog photos ^ with all the hanging lights and succulents (:

We walked around the opposite side where the brewery was and Justin tried a beer ^ we’ll totally have to come back on a nicer day to get food from the truck that was parked out front and sit at the picnic tables. They had a bunch of chickens in a coop and a few HUGE turkeys!

We did end up trying the churros and then photoshoots commenced ^ how could we pass up the opportunity? The wet ground and leaves made me yearn for fall so bad! I also snapped some shots of the neat decor they had around the winery’s interior…

There were horses too ^ this place has everything! We ended up buying a bottle of the rosé Justin had cause we couldn’t resist the frog on the label haha overall it was an awesome experience. Especially for our first official winery visit- we didn’t even get carded which was a first too (:

Once we got back to mom’s, we watched A Quiet Place (cause she hadn’t seen it) and then we all got ready for bed ^ I took off my sparkly makeup and was totally ready to sleep! Mom had recently got a full furniture set for her guest room, so we had the whole 9 yards. Next time, we’ll definitely bring our own pillows though- it was so hard to get my neck comfy….

We woke up pretty early the next morning as mom was taking Macy for her walk ^ I poured some coffee for us and we had a little breakfast before getting dressed & ready for our hike by the lake! It was very warm, but still a beautiful day to trek through the forest- just look at that water (:

After we were all thoroughly exhausted and starving, we got lunch at a restaurant on the lake and then some ice cream from Moo Thru ^ where I got to pose with the cute little cow statue they had! I told Justin we’re gonna get a cow head like the one above to put on our wall- he laughed (but I wasn’t joking)….

Shortly after arriving back at mom’s we were packed up, saying our goodbyes, and heading out! It was such a great start to our staycation and always nice being with family. I wish we could’ve taken Macy on our hike, but mom said she would’ve tired out too quickly- so maybe next time…

How’re you guys dealing with the heat this summer? Staying inside or finding new ways to brave it? Let me know in the comments! Also, do you prefer the longer posts I make like these ^ or the shorter snip-its? I’ll always encourage you guys to leave me whatever feedback you want (:

28 thoughts on “Wining & hiking

  1. The colour of the dress looks very lovely on you 🙂 And as always, nice pictures. We have unbearably hot weather in here. Everybody is excited for Autumn 😀

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  2. I’ve never been to a winery, but I would love to go someday. It seems so relaxing, and the views are always lovely too. That lake looks so beautiful! It’s a dream of mine to live by the lake, but that’ll probably never happen. lol

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