Eevee weekend


Even though we didn’t get to the pool or a beach this summer, we still went outside a lot and ventured to many parks- whether that be amusement, historical, or just recreational. It’s been so nice getting out of the house and away from work to enjoy nature (even on some of the hottest days). Here we are again at Deep Run for another PokémonGO community day. Last time we came was for Bulbasaur, now we’re here for Eevee!

This event was special because they actually extended it to the entire weekend. Unfortunately, I work almost every Saturday, but we still got to have our chance at the shiny monsters on Sunday. Ready to play in our best shoes, Justin and I grabbed drinks for the day and headed into the park. It was a gorgeous sunny day compared to the chill we felt here back in March…

Back in the bamboo ^ we love this backdrop too much not to get loads of pics in front of it haha Justin looked so handsome in his new shorts (:

We trekked the entire park probably 8-10 times and went up to the nature center to have a look around the decorated windows, which each had a little habitat in them ^ it was that time of the day when we started to get hungry…

After our pit stop at Tropical Smoothie, and a raid at a random CFA (where we got a selfie with their cow statue) we came back to encroaching cloud cover and a bit of thunder that turned into a torrential downpour ^ we had been prepared as rain was indeed in the forecast that day, but we weren’t ready for the flash flood that came down on us! It was so intense, but we had fun screaming and laughing through the rushing water to Justin’s car…

Another community day, another crazy weather experience at Deep Run. We had a blast and caught a ton of Eevee, including a few shinies (not as much as I usually get). It was a great way to start saying goodbye to summer. What’re you doing to end the season? Anything special? Let me know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Eevee weekend

  1. What a lovely Summer’s Day Out – it is just nice to spend time together. I can’t believe the summer is almost over, it has gone so quickly! x

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  2. So nice how you guys get out and explore. Other than my beach trip (which I have to blog about soon), I haven’t done anything this summer but stay in the house. I’m such a homebody! I actually really love being outside in nature, but I have nobody to go exploring with, and I try to avoid places with people. lol Those rain pictures turned out really nice! I love the outfit you’re wearing here! It has such a 70’s summer vibe to it.

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