August fav0rites


First of all- it’s Justin’s birthday! Shout a happy 22 to my man in the comments (:

Secondly, it’s the end of the last month of summer and I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to the season of 100-degree days and constant rainy week streaks. Now bring on that cooler weather, please?

That means it’s time to share my August faves with you all, so strap in for some things you might’ve seen in recent posts and some new treats for your eyes…

Lets start with the yummy goodies ^ getting Chipotle after a long day is always a blessing to my tastebuds. Also, one evening Justin surprised me with a bubble tea from Kokee and watermelon macarons from The Tottering Teacup! He’s such a sweetheart (:

Onto fashion/wearables, I’ve been loving the ringer style lately as seen with my burgundy dress and yellow striped tee ^ I’ve also been loving my Yeezy V2 blue tints cause they’re so comfy! They scream spring & summer to me too cause the robin’s egg color, but I’ll probably still be wearing them into winter as it’s also an icy blue. If you wanna snag a pair, you can find them HERE and use my code “kittyp0p” for $10 off your whole order. Last in this section is the one we’ve all been waiting for: my Foglia bracelet from Maì! It’s beautiful and I love wearing it with the necklace as a set. Marzia even wrote me a sweet note with a coupon for my next purchase (which was made this week). She released some new jewelry designs, so I ordered another necklace & bracelet set. I also managed to snag one of her first candle sets in the pottery portion of the site, so I’m really looking forward to getting those in and sharing them with you all (:

Beauty time! My faves this month included nail polishes from Chanel and Nicole (navy and gray, respectively) ^ yes- I accomplished the daunting task of painting my nails two times in August. I also agreed with all of you that the super minimal makeup look of only Tarte’s skinny dip lipstick is a winner, so thank you! YesTo tomatoes and activated charcoal micellar water helped me wipe away some crazy breakouts I’ve been having these last few weeks. L’Oréal’s frizz-taming serum locked down the pesky flyaways I seemed to get every time the rain came. Lastly, the truly magical WIZARD detangling spray from Amika has saved my hair from utter annihilation. Seriously, this is the only product I’ve found that I can just spray on and then immediately get a brush through my mass of knots. I bought it in bulk when they had a sale, so now I have plenty of backup bottles. I highly recommend this (:

Some randoms for the end here ^ shopping online is always fun, but it’s a favorite this month because I’ve been searching for wedding gifts for my sister and her soon-to-be husband! Even though Justin ultimately found them the perfect present lol I really enjoyed all the props, plants, and ponies at the winery we went to early in August. Our Busch Gardens adventure wouldn’t have been complete without a pat on the head from the big grizzly haha and of course, my favorite person ever!!! I’m singing happy happy to my gorgeous other half and wishing him the best day today as we embark on…well I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out (:

Hope everyone has a spectacular September!

29 thoughts on “August fav0rites

  1. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down either! This heatwave is too much. I really enjoyed reading about your favourites! Which one of Marzia’s jewelry ranges is your favourite so far? (I love the Notte one) 😊

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  2. I know you’ve only managed to squeeze in doing your nails twice this month, but seeing that mine are currently chewed off and the polish has been chipping for a week, I’m staring at yours with total envy. iwannabealady

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  3. I love Chipotle! I wish I could get it more often, but the one here is in an area I don’t go to that often, so it’s a little out of my route to get there. Those macarons look really good! To be honest, I’ve never actually had one before.

    I love ringer style clothing too! Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 It just has that sort of vintage sporty vibe to it that I like. Reminds me of summer camp or something. LOL I used to have a Camp Crystal Lake (from Friday the 13th films) ringer tee. Now I’m regretting ever getting rid of it.

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    1. Chipotle is a once in a while thing for us too, but that makes it taste even better haha hope you can try some macarons soon! YASSSS about the summer camp vibe- I totally get that with ringer tees and such. Thanks a lot for your comment (:

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