R0ck the b0at


Today’s post is all about my baby’s birthday! He turned 22 last Friday (when I posted my August favorites). I only got the one day off to celebrate with him- even though I tried to get more. I asked him what he wanted to do and his answer was to visit the rock shop we’d been to about 2 years ago. I’d also be taking him out to dinner later that day of course, so I made reservations for 4:30

The only gift I’d ordered for him that had arrived in time didn’t fit him, so we stopped by Tiffany on the way to the rock shop to see if they had the same bracelet in the right size. The didn’t have the same color, but he tried on what they had to make sure we get the correct size next time. Now I’ll just have to return and reorder it- I felt bad that he didn’t really have a gift yet…

My handsome man was looking so FINE on his big day though: he was very blue in a denim overshirt, white tee, navy shorts, and his new fave Gucci slides. I donned my green AE tank paired with Marzia’s Linee skirt and a pair of brown sandals.

After a little pit stop for a quick lunch, we were at the rock shop! Justin found a ton of nice amber pieces he wanted to get and I picked out 2 frog sculptures that looked very cute. I offered to buy everything for us and the lady who helped us even gave him one of the amber pieces for free because it was his birthday- how sweet of her! Now he had some presents…

Then it was Boathouse for dinner ^ we love this place as the interior is gorgeous and the food is always amazing! We got drinks and a sushi roll each as our appetizer. Then for the main course, Justin got the whole lobster with a crab cake on the side. I ordered the filet mignon and a crab cake, but I didn’t really feel like eating the crab by the time it came out. We took our remaining food home with us to have the next day, then went for a stroll around the mall…

It was a pretty chill day, and I felt bad that we had to get home pretty early because I had to open at work the following day, but Justin said he enjoyed his celebration. We finally got in another one of his gifts (some clothes from Tsuki’s new Tourist collection). Just waiting on a few more things to come in and then of course that size exchange for the Tiffany bracelet.

I’m so happy to have spent the past 3 years celebrating birthdays with my wonderful man. Every year I see growth and maturity more in him and every year I’m more proud to call him mine. He’s somehow getting more beautiful each year as well, I need to find out that secret…

Happy 22nd my dear, may your year be filled with more prosperity and happiness than any before! I love you very much (:

30 thoughts on “R0ck the b0at

  1. Awww you gave him a great birthday! ❀ I’m sorry to hear about the present issues, though :/ One year for Christmas, my brother had ordered something for me online in early December, and it fINALLY ARRIVED a few days before Christmas. Needless to say, it can get stressful when presents may or may not work out!

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