Peace, l0ve, and fr0gs


In true Frog & Toad fashion, we caught our little White’s sitting side by side along the food and water bowls ^ an adorable intro into this picture-filled update post on the perfect apartment pets: our dumpy frogs!

They still love being close and cuddly ^ showing us their differences: size and color mostly, but also their personalities! Misery is still the slower, but braver of the duo. While Fear springs about less frequently, but with determination when there’s food involved. He’s still quite smaller than her, but we’ve got faith he’ll bulk up because they’re both very healthy as far as we can tell. They loved when we took them out the other night to play- we made sure to keep our hands wet while handling them, had a mat out for feeding them mealworms, and even brought out the designated FROG TUPPERWARE to use as a soaking bath (:

I often find them smooshed together under the blanket-like cover of a leaf in the morning when I go to click on their light for the day ^ but they do go on adventures separately. Misery still enjoys the nightly climb of the glass and occasionally the log as well. Fear even went on a hopping spree after we put them back in the tank post-playtime, it was great seeing him get up high as he usually prefers the ground trek!

I do try to get individual pictures of them too, but sometimes Fear can’t help photobombing ^ when they get bigger, we’ll advance to a larger tank where they can have more solo time (if they prefer), but I have a good feeling they’ll still stack on top of each other more often than not…

A lot of these snapshots are from the night when we took them out ^ afterwards, Fear was very active and mobile. He stretched his legs and Misery followed on the opposite glass haha it was too funny! Our little guy even did his best Peace Frog for the camera (: giving a lovely title for this post. I hope you all enjoyed a recent look at our sticky critters, let me know in the comments who’s your favorite?

14 thoughts on “Peace, l0ve, and fr0gs

  1. I actually have a bit of a phobia of frogs but for some reason these are pretty cute, I think it’s because they look a bit like lizards… or is that just me?

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