Happy Friday! Hope everyone in the hurricane zone stays safe as it hits land this weekend. Today’s post is just a bunch of stuff I’ve got recently. A haul-over-time if you will…

Justin got us a full set of adorable Pokémon summer items ^ a quality bottle, cups, and Tupperware too! Everything has this super cute art of some of the lil monsters doing summery things, and we’re loving it all. I used the Tupperware to hold my gluten-free snacks like pretzels, chips, and cheese crackers. Justin & I have been using the bottles (we got one for each of us) very frequently. The cups we actually haven’t used yet, so we’ll have to get on that and I can give a proper review- but everything else has been sturdy and overall great!

I received another VoxBox from Influenster for FREE to review two items from the brand Belif ^ I had never tried anything from this brand before but was excited to! The main product is a full size overnight jelly mask called Aqua Bomb that’s supposed to really lock in moisture and it’s meant to be applied after you’ve washed your face AND applied a moisturizer. Enter: the sample size Aqua Bomb moisturizer! These together are like the superheroes for my face & Justin’s too. We’ve used both of these multiple times and have got really great results. I would describe it as a complete face renewal. It totally healed Justin’s summerstruck skin and I know it’s gonna be a lifesaver in the harsh winter months as well (:

My fresh, minty Brush Me clay toothpaste finally came in after a long wait and some postal service troubles ^ their team even sent me a second one while I was waiting because they weren’t sure if the first package would get to me. It’s definitely a unique way to clean your teeth… I like it a lot and would recommend it, but I also want to give a warning that it’ll get stuck in your toothbrush- so make extra time to rinse with vigor! I would’ve taken photos using this, but as you can see, the color isn’t exactly flattering for blogging smiles (:

Smelly smells ^ my “second try” perfume formula from Scent Trunk was delivered and I’m happy to say that this time, they got it right! It’s a mostly lime scent and I love the citrus-ness of it. I’m not sure if I’ll stay subscribed to get another spritzer every 2 months, but I definitely like it a lot more than the first one they sent me. The second perfume I picked up was from Sephora, a familiar brand: Nest! This one is called “Indigo” and it has a blackberry(?) smell and idk what else, but I’m in love with it and I adore the rollerball applicator. I normally match my perfume to my outfit because I see them as colors instead of what they actually smell like. My Scent Trunk is green, the Nest one is purple, etc. Does anyone else do that type of thing? Let me know in the comments how you pick out your perfume for the day!

This concludes my haul-over-time of random things I’ve brought into my life in recent weeks. I’m planning lots of new posts to fill up my schedule slots this month and even brainstorming some other ideas to pack into October! Basically, tons of exciting content to come, so stay tuned. I appreciate you all as always- thanks so much for reading and the constant support (:

31 thoughts on “Newbs

  1. Love all the Pokemon stuff + the idea of an overnight mask! I rotate between 5 different perfumes that were all gifts built up over time. I like to think that Baby Rose Jeans by Versace is my signature scent as I’ve worn it since I was a kid but I love the idea of matching scents to outfits. Excited to see your blogs future content! ❤

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  2. Loveee all the Pokemon items! I used to be obsessed with it. Still, I would like to have that bottle haha 😛 That clay toothpaste sounds interesting. I have so far only spotted the charcoal version but this also sounds quite fun to try. Have a lovely weekend x

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  3. The pokemon stuff look so adorable! I love the bottle 😁. And the toothpaste is so interesting, I’ve never seen such thing until now 😁. It must smell amazing, not sure about the texture though 😅

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  4. I’m jealous of the VoxBox you got! I’ve been wanting to try some belif products, and those look awesome. I love the design of the box too! It’s been over a month since my last box. I hope they pick me for something good again soon.

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    1. Thanks! I just got another one in the mail the other day that’s over $100 in value (for free)- that app is crazy cool. I’m loving the little Pokémon cups for juice late at night (:


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