Remembering Nanny


My family & I (minus Samantha because of her new job) made the trip up to New York recently, but not for the normal visit you might expect. My great-grandmother had passed away from old age, the ripe old age of 107. She was the oldest member of her town of Patchogue on Long Island, where she was born and lived in the same house her entire life. We were all sad to get the news, but we joined together to celebrate her long life full of love and family: she had great-great-great grandchildren in her life!

I still decided to document our travels and the many people gathered together who were touched by my Nanny’s warm heart…

On the 6-hour drive up north, we stopped only 2 times ^ the first rest stop had a Peet’s coffee where I tried my best to get a matcha drink, but it was a JOKE as it tasted like milk water. It was slightly green, but there was no matcha flavor at all. Luckily, the second stop had a Starbucks *angels singing* so I could grab a green tea Frappuccino! It was delicious and I was well awake for the rest of the day….mind you, I had to wake up at 3 so we could leave early enough to skip traffic along the way. Once we got into NY, we found a pizza place nearby to where we’d be staying (Anna’s) and had some toasty slices. Perfection! There’s truly nothing like an authentic NY pie…

My mom & I were invited to stay at my uncle’s ex-girlfriend’s (they were together for 14 years so she’s practically family) renovated loft ^ the place looked great and I wish I had taken photos of the bathroom which was glorious! She plans to make it a rental space or AirBnB after she adds an AC unit. You read that right, we were staying in a place with no air conditioning, in New York, in August….so we had a good 4 or 5 fans going the entire time lol

I didn’t take any photos during the viewing, funeral service, or burial of my Nanny ^ but I did get a shot of the front of her home which seemed so much smaller without her & very empty despite being full of family members. We all gathered there for lunch after the first viewing and said our goodbyes to her beloved house. There was a second viewing that evening which we all attended too because some people couldn’t be there for the earlier one. The funeral service the next morning was so well put together and did justice to the laying to rest of such a substantial figure and patron. My mom’s cousin read scripture and one of my aunt’s sang beautifully. If you’d like to read the newspaper article that was written about my Nanny, you can click the link HERE

All the family was together at the boat club after my great-grandmother’s burial for a final celebration of her long life ^ my mom was joined by her 7 brothers and father for pictures, the last one a re-enactment of one of her wedding photos! Mom wanted a picture of my braid along side her cousin’s and they’re almost the same length, but mine is much thicker. I got a snapshot of my mom next to another one of her cousins who looks more like her twin!

I know I already spoke on the famous pizza up here, but we couldn’t go back to Virginia without first stopping by the best deli in all of New York ^ they make the most delicious cannolis in the world, so naturally I got two! Mind you, this place is literally down the street from my Nanny’s house- walking distance…

That evening, my uncle treated us to dinner by the water ^ where I ate an entire bowl of mussels (they were small though). I was feeling a bit sick before the meal and just wanted something clean, like crab legs, but all the place had was cakes and fried stuff. We took a walk on the dock afterwards and even caught a really neat sidewalk vandal’s work… Jesus has Nanny in his kingdom now, her life everlasting with him. We miss her, but we smile while remembering her and the wonderfully long life she had, the countless people she affected. My great-grandmother had such an impact on her community, church, family and friends. We can’t help but praise God for the time He gave her on this Earth with all of us…

16 thoughts on “Remembering Nanny

  1. Milk water?! That doesn’t sound fun xP
    I’m sorry to hear that your great-grandmother passed away – mine passed away in 2012 and I still miss her dearly – although I think it’s amazing that your Nanny was the oldest member of her town!

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