September fav0rites


What better way to ring in fall and the beginning of my birth month than a good ole case of tonsillitis and laryngitis? I get it at least once a year due to my huge, cryptic (meaning they have craters in them) tonsils. I still refuse to get them taken out cause going through these days without a voice seems the lesser of two evils…

Anyways, September is coming to an end and that means it’s almost October! My favorite month for many reasons and I can’t wait to share them all with you, but first- this month’s faves:

This trippy swirl wall in a NY shop ^ finding Justin’s initials in the sidewalk (also in New York) it was like he was there with me! For some reason, green was the prominent color for me this month. My clothes, the walls of Pam’s loft, her plants…

I mentioned it in my previous post, but Emma Blackery’s debut album Villains is a definite fave ^ keeping up with my blogging schedule of every Tuesday and Friday (since the beginning of the year) has been a major accomplishment! Matching Justin is always fun, but it was nice to tone it down to just our shoes- his grey Nike’s and my grey NMD’s

Our frogs are just gonna be a permanent part of my faves posts from now on, ok? But really, it was one of my favorite posts to put together this month! Look how cute ^

We also found some more White’s in a pet store (which is wild cause they NEVER have any in stock) and they looked so similar to our Fear & Misery that I wanted to buy them all on the spot ^ when we get our house and upgrade our babies to a bigger tank, I’m sure we’ll be ushering in new ones as well…

My favorite jewelry piece this month was the newest line from Marzia, Me by Maì ^ it’s probably the most dainty and I love the simplicity of it! I have to say it goes very well with my favorite blouse…

With hair this long, braiding it is sometimes a must ^ and even if it’s messy, I still love the unique kinks it leaves in my curls when I take the braid out. A fave that’s sort of a love/hate product…these zit zapping dots from YesTo tomatoes and charcoal. I hate that I even have to use them cause man, I was breaking out so bad this month! But they work pretty well- not anything amazing cause you just leave them on overnight, but they definitely reduced the appearance of some bigger blemishes!

We didn’t get new frogs, but we did get a new bear ^ it’s a body pillow from Target! When I saw it, I picked it up and immediately put it in our cart haha does he get a name? Leave a suggestion in a comment (:

The part you’re all waiting for: FOOD ^ Justin and I celebrated our one-month-away-from-three-years anniversary at Kanpai Japanese steakhouse & sushi bar where we had Bento boxes that were delicious! The next day was community day for PokémonGO, so we were out and about around lunch/dinner time. We popped into the first place we saw which happened to be Casa del Barco. Now let me just tell you something, we’d never been here before and I’m quite the picky eater, but THIS PLACE I’d honestly give 5 out of 5 stars. The atmosphere was lovely, the booth was a couch and had pillows on it! The drink was a mango margarita and it was so tasty (did look a bit like an egg on top though) haha and the meal was perfection. Probably the best chicken tacos I’ve ever had, and the staff was so accommodating to my picky-eater requests like changing the flour tortillas to corn ones and replacing the beans with pico. The guacamole was so obviously freshly made and a wonderful balance to the mild salsa with chips they brought out at the start. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has one nearby (idk if it’s a chain or not). I have to warn you though, your experience won’t be as good as mine cause I had my lil cutie sitting across from me the whole time (:

Bonus fave: Netflix original Daredevil series. I was skeptical it would be a letdown cause I enjoyed the film so much, but the acting is really well done!

Are you all happy that fall is coming?? Let me know your favorite thing about the season in the comments and thanks as always for reading (:

24 thoughts on “September fav0rites

  1. Aw what a cute little frog. Quick question- that first photo of the couch and awesome wall- is that your apartment?! SO cool. I have wondered about those yes to tomatoes products. Good to know they work well!

    Allll this food.. the sushi- holy cow. And Casa Barco… my mouth is watering.

    Happy almost anniversary!

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  2. I can’t wait for October as well, it’s one of my favourite months too 🙂 I LOVE Villains, all the songs are such bops and Emma did a wonderfull job. I’m glad she’s come so far since her Google+ video 😁😁 That pillow bear looks so adorable! And for some reason, the name Felix came to my mind 😂 Maybe it reminds me of Pewds a little bit 😁

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  3. This was so lovely to read! 💕 Your little froggies are absolutely adorable, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate having new friends once you get a bigger tank for them all, haha 😍 I love that little necklace, it’s so simple and pretty! I can’t wait for fall to arrive – it’s still too hot where I live (southern GA) to enjoy any change in weather yet. lol

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  4. What a rubbish way to start the month, tonsillitis. I too have more craters in my tonsils than the blooming moon, but they won’t take ’em out. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing xx

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    1. I’ve had issues with mine so often that I’m almost used to it and I think it’d be more of a hassle to have them removed 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope you have less problems with yours and that you can get them taken out if you need to! Thanks for your comment

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      1. Mm. I’m hoping they don’t need to be taken out because I’m getting used to it now I’ve had it so much. I also think the operation would be a bit more hassle than it’s worth, especially if they muck it up (eek!) I’d die if I couldn’t ever talk again, hehe.

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