L0ng wedding


Mid-September, one of my older sisters (the middle child) got married! It’s gonna be weird calling her Samantha Long now haha you might’ve seen my post about us preparing for it and planning out stuff. But it all came together beautifully on the 16th and I have a few photos to share…

We arrived to the venue about 3 hours before the actual ceremony would begin ^ my main job was the dining room and table settings. So I started in right away with placing everything together nicely… She had picked out white plates with gold accents, navy cloth napkins, and gold silverware tucked in with a sprig of rosemary (which smelled amazing). I love the mason jars for water cups! Also, she had some boxwood pieces clipped from the bushes at my parents’ house for me to decorate the candle holders with. My other sister came by later on to sprinkle some chunky gold glitter down the center of the table, which looked really cute (:

The venue they’d chosen was a small house on a beautiful farm, so we got to set up more in the other rooms ^ including flowers and more candles, Justin helped put up some string lights with clipped baby pictures of the bride & groom. Mom worked on touching up the icing on their cake. Justin & I didn’t like the way our homemade sweet tea turned out so we ended buying a gallon at the store that morning to bring along. The signs my sister had made were put up for certain areas like the drinks, cards & gifts, and a nice little bucket list for guests to write them an idea and place it in! I wrote for them to go rock climbing cause they’re always hiking anyways (:

Justin and I were dressed in our best for the event and does he clean up well or what? Such a handsome man, I’m so lucky!

I didn’t get any pictures during the ceremony, but let me just tell you how much God was shining his love down on those two…it was sprinkling when we all arrived to the venue, and it only rained more as we prepared, but just as the time came to move outside for the actual wedding- the rain stopped completely. The sun actually came out some and even more afterwards when I was helping the photographer with their photos! I got the task of being assistant and helping move her gown/train around for their session. I did get a few pictures of Justin with their dog Hunter while the other family members were having their portraits done. He looks so good (: and Hunter was very calm and well behaved too!

Now they aren’t having their actual reception til next spring when more family and friends will be invited, but we still had dinner and a toast afterwards ^ and the cake I mentioned before! Mom made some wonderful homemade food for everyone and even did a special little gluten-free serving for me. The baked ziti was delicious and I only wish I could’ve indulged in the Italian bread she’d brought from New York cause it smelled divine!

After dinner, we all just chatted and enjoyed each other’s company until it was time for the toast and cake-cutting ^ her dress was gorgeous, and yes, I had the honor of helping her hold it in the bathroom too… what are sisters for? Haha

Mom made a lovely toast to the newly weds (which I got a video of) and they played that cute game of raise-the-shoe, where you get asked the “who’s more….” questions and try to guess the same. My other sister was the moderator of that, which I also got a video of, but no pictures lol then the cake cutting ^ I got lots of photos of that! Mom also made chocolate-covered strawberries as an extra dessert. They were amazing (:

I was changed back into my comfy clothes by the time everyone was heading out and decided we should take a few group photos ^ but there we are! Samantha sent me a pic of the present Justin & I got for them after she’d opened it later that evening. A set of 3 small Tiffany planters that she says she wants to get succulents for (: I’m so glad she’s happy and I can’t wait til they’ve got lil babies running around haha

I’m hoping to get more pictures from the photographer tomorrow when my sister comes by to visit, so I’ll probably be posting them here in my faves for October or randomly in another post- maybe even on Instagram if you follow me there! Keep an eye out (: thanks for reading

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  1. I LOVE HER DRESS πŸ’—πŸ’— Congratulations to her! All the best for her marriage. *cough*stillwaitingforyourwedding*cough* – I mean who said thaaat πŸ˜‚ Lol but seriously gorgeous wedding and best wishes to your family! 😘

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