M0re Maì


This post will be the culmination of a few weeks of me getting products together from separate releases from Marzia’s site. I was super excited when she started putting her pottery and clay projects up for sale, so I grabbed as many as I could. I also managed to snag the limited hand-embroidered hoodies she put up in large size only, colors green and pink (one for me and one for Justin). You’ve seen the newest jewelry I’ve got from her, but I included all three sets in this post as well…

So let’s start with some close up shots of the latest gold pieces I’ve got from Maì ^ I picked a necklace and bracelet from her “Me” collection. They’re the daintiest and simplest out of the ranges she’s put up, but that makes them the easiest to pair with just about anything…

I asked Justin for his label maker so that I could stop checking every jewelry box to find the piece I was looking for each time I went to put something on ^ I love the little hand-stamped boxes they come in, so I thought labeling the outside would be a nice touch and it’s been super helpful. Plus, I think the labels came out really cool!

Next up are the Bandit candles I received from the first round of clay things she released ^ I love the little masked face on the one and the simplicity of the bulb shape of the other! They smell like green tea and I’m excited to light them when we get a good, long cozy night in…

The hoodies are spectacular ^ I was a bit worried about her only having size large available, but they’re so comfy cause they’re big! The tree-shaped embroideries she made around the brand name are so well done too. She even wrote a little thank you on the back of the tag for me (:

I took a few photos myself and asked Justin to take some outside ^ I can’t wait til the weather is cool (consistently) here so I can bundle up in this more often! The pink is such a soft shade, it’s perfect…

The latest items I adopted are these sweet clay babies ^ one is a pot (Creep) and the other is a huge candle. These came with a lovely typewritten note from Marzia which is always a nice thing to receive with my order! I’ve already found a way to use the pot for a wonderful fall decoration (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen- if not, it’ll be in an upcoming post)…

I hope you enjoyed a walkthrough my Maì purchases and I hope you’ll consider giving her online store a look! She has some beautiful products still available HERE and more cute stuff to come (:

20 thoughts on “M0re Maì

  1. Oh my gosh 😍😍 these things are all so beautiful!! I love that pink hoodie on you (it’s a gorgeous shade of pink!), and those charm bracelets (or are they necklaces? haha) are SO cute and dainty! 💖 I love the leaves one (: I may have to get that one for myself!
    Also, it’s amazing that she included handwritten notes!

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  2. First off, can we just take about how cute the pink sweater is? 😍😍 I love the jewelry as well! And gurl you’re slaying the hairstyles once again. I need lessons. Great post and I may have to check out that website myself too!

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    1. Thank you!!! This comment is so sweet 🙈💕 I wish I could find words to explain how I do my cat eye, but I feel like everyone’s eyes are shaped differently- I would love to teach you if I knew how haha

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  3. I don’t really like pullover hoodies that much because I can’t stand the feeling of closeness to my neck like that. I like zip up hoodies because they don’t feel as constricting. I love the colors of those hoodies though, and you look so cute in it!

    I don’t really wear jewelry that much, but I love that moon and stars bracelet.

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    1. Thank you! I know, I was understanding when I read her post and watched the goodbye video- but to see she put almost ALL her old videos to private… it’s devastating /:


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