SFofVA 2018


I’ll be starting this post off with a few lost photos from Field Day of the Past that somehow got left behind when I published the rest last week. I was kicking myself when I realized, but I figured since I had this bigger fair post- it would be a good place to share them….

Here’s a couple from the old gas station/garage where they sold glass-bottled Cheerwine and other sodas ^ this is also where I schooled Justin in checkers haha he’s so handsome (:

These are more with the younger cow after if had been shaved ^ how adorable! Then some with the big chicken statue….

Onto the main event: the STATE FAIR

Now here’s where the real meat of this post begins ^ Justin and I attended the State Fair of Virginia for our fifth year in a row together! Since the day we met here on my 18th birthday, we’ve made it a tradition to come back and enjoy all the grounds have to offer. One of our favorite things about the fair is the livestock- we’re impartial to this Asian humpback cow (idk what it’s actually called) lol it looks like a dog and is super sweet when being pet. All the other cows had babies with them in their pens! We also saw some fowl that had some funny sets like the mini church for the two doves and even a bird skeleton (toy) in an empty pen….

We also went into the tent that showcases all of the plants people grew to enter in the fairs various contests ^ they had herbs, tons of vegetables, and some interesting succulents-in-boots! In one of the bigger buildings, they have a big honey & bee section where you can learn all about how it’s made and even buy different honeys. They have a huge lavender stall too: loose seeds, sprays, oils, you name it! Lastly, they had a straw horse that we were told could hold up to 200lbs so we of course couldn’t resist taking silly pictures on it (:

We popped into a few other buildings including the biggest one there ^ which houses the Bulk Candy Store where they hand you a basket and you walk through picking as much as you want (everything in the boxes are the same price per pound) then they weigh it all at the end where you pay! They had a really cute photo-op set that was decorated super spooky, so we took a load off there for some pics. Justin got a piña colada in a real pineapple at one of the stands and everyone was asking him about it as they passed us haha then we made our way to the fish/game hut where they had some tanks and skins for all the fair goers to look at! I love the blowfish and the skunk fur was way softer than I expected (:

Even more time to rest after walking around most of the day ^ at this point I had got a strawberry milkshake and Justin had found a stand selling cheesecake on a stick! He loved it (:

I guess this is as good a time as any to mention our outfits for the day. We wore our matching Tsuki shorts and while I picked out a black tee (Pewdiepie’s 50mil merch), Justin chose a white tee- which was quite fitting seeing as our shorts are black AND white!

More cows ^ we found another place to take photos- the giant horseshoe! Then we got to pet the baby cows again and they just wanted to lick everything haha best part of the fair….

Once we had our fill of furry friends, we came back into town for a little dinner at Mellow Mushroom ^ I got the hummus and Justin got the personal pizza split into 2 specialties! He looked so handsome and I was so grateful to have spent my 5th fair with such an amazing partner (:

My advice to anyone that’s never been to their state fair? Go. You might just meet the love of your life!

22 thoughts on “SFofVA 2018

  1. I’m still waiting for an eyeliner tutorial because GURL 😍 And aah it’s so cool that you met here and still visit every year. For a second I thought you were holding a dead skunk 😂 Looks like such a blast – glad you had fun 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg 🙈 I wish I knew how to go about teaching it! Everyone has different shaped eyes, so I wouldn’t know how to explain the process at all haha it’s one of our favorite events of the whole year. Thanks so much for your awesome comment and continued support 💛


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