C0y0te H0le Ciderw0rks


If you love autumn, cider, and/or pizza you’ll love this post! My mom invited us out to a cidery not far from her house to celebrate my 22nd birthday (that was the 3rd of this month)…

We arrived to their fall festival midday and went right inside because the music act was taking a break ^ Justin got himself some BBQ at the stand first, then mom ordered us the cider flight to share! The place was super cute and the ciders were mostly great. There were a few I wasn’t too big on, like the pineapple one and the pumpkin one (which Justin enjoyed). My favorites were the green apple ones, so I ended up getting a cup of the mildly sweet one of the 3 they had available. Mom and Justin both got cups of the sangria (:

After we had finished our flight, we crossed the street to the Food Lion to grab a few toppings for the night’s dinner ^ we found gluten-free pizza crusts and picked out some green peppers & zucchini to add with mom’s meatballs! She even got the wet mozzarella haha it’s so fresh and delicious. I took Justin for a spin around her living room while the pizzas cooked. Mom got me some wonderful birthday presents that I’ll be sharing in a separate post (:

It was such a lovely way to spend a day with my mama and my man. Even though it was hot out, the day felt very FALL! I adore this season and all the specialties it comes along with- like pumpkins and spoopy decorations for Halloween. Do you prefer ciders (hot/cold) or cinnamon-y drinks like the PSL? Let me know in the comments and thanks as always for reading!

8 thoughts on “C0y0te H0le Ciderw0rks

    1. My boyfriend is into warm cider too! We got some at the orchard last year, but didn’t make it up the mountain this season 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s nice that they still sell the good stuff in stores haha thanks for commenting

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