Three cheers, 3 years


This past Sunday was our 3-year anniversary, so Justin and I had the day off together to spend celebrating. It also so happened to be a PokémonGO community day for Beldum. We contemplated a place to go for the event and decided on the botanical gardens as they’re always such a beautiful walking area! The weather was glorious as well, finally feeling like fall as the temperature dipped and we felt the familiar breeze…

I was so happy to receive my Maì sweatshirts in the mail the day before ^ because I knew what Justin and I had planned for our special evening (you’ll see what I mean at the end of this post). I wore the white one- the other is the same design, but it’s on a grey sweatshirt. I think Marzia will be adding these to her store in short stock again soon at maì.com if you’re looking for them! I paired it with some simple black leggings and my grey NMD’s. I brought along my black backpack as well. Justin looked so dashing in his turtleneck sweater and freshly shaven face (:

We arrived at the gardens just a few minutes before the event began, but had enough time to grab a quick snack from their cafe ^ then we walked out onto the grounds, starting our hunt for Beldum and enjoying the amazing views!

Whenever we come here, there’s always some new way the flowers and foliage blow us away, even just the atmosphere of the gardens makes you feel good ^ it’s all so fresh and full of life- you can’t help but smile and try to soak in as much as you can! We took lots of posed photos with the scenery, different themed areas, but I think we got some great candids too…

Of course, we found fun ways to interact with the Pokémon we encountered ^ the environment is so varied in the gardens, it makes you feel like you’re traveling through different parts of the world. Seeing plants you’ve never heard of, then walking a few steps and coming across flowers that you grew up with. It’s so relaxing and refreshing at the same time…

We entered the greenhouse towards the end of our trip ^ it’s difficult to choose a favorite part of the botanical gardens, but this is definitely up there with the best of them! I love all the tropical plants they can keep inside the orchid room and the cacti across the way. Justin & I took the opportunity to get a timed kissy photo to commemorate our anniversary there while the place was empty. For a gorgeous autumn Sunday, there weren’t too many people on the grounds- even for community day. But the place is huge and we did see a lot of groups playing the game…

We walked back towards the main building to the gift shop ^ while Justin took a short snooze (not really), I looked around for frog things! There was an adorable puppet and the stuffie pictured above. We eventually found some animal Buddhas and they had FROG ones, but get this- they only had two! You know how many frogs we have? TWO. It was perfect, so we bought them and brought them home. They’re smooth stone, so I think they’ll be really cute inside their tank once we upgrade to a bigger one…

We were ready for Red Salt ^ not too many pics at the restaurant because as you can probably tell from my face, the lighting was terrible. But that was the only thing I could’ve remotely complained about as far as our dinner was concerned. The decor and ambiance were wonderful, the drink I ordered was delicious, and the meal was excellent. I got a lemon gin cocktail and 3 sushi rolls: a dragon roll, California roll with lump crab, and one with raw salmon! Justin (looking absolutely stunning even in the awful lighting) got a whisky sour and filet mignon, he also ordered one big roll. I don’t even remember all the ingredients haha

The reason I was so excited to have my white sweatshirt this day was to wear it to Glow Golf ^ as you can see, it was very glowy! Because we went on a Sunday, we got there only an hour before they closed and there were no other players. So Justin & I took cool pics and played their 18-hole course til we were ready to call it a night. It was a lot of fun, but it would be nice to bring some friends next time so we don’t tear through it as quickly haha Justin’s shoes revealed a hidden message under the lights! In normal lighting, they’re one solid color.

Between the botanical garden walk for a few hours, the lovely meal at Red Salt, and the blacklight mini golf- it was the perfect day celebrating our three years together. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, boyfriend, and life partner all wrapped up in one handsome package! Happy 3 years, baby (:

16 thoughts on “Three cheers, 3 years

  1. Aww, happy anniversary to you both. ❤️ Love that glow golf concept, that looks super cool. I just visited NY Botanical Garden, and I must say the walk was truly special. It is also a good way to clear out your lungs. xx 💋

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