Oct0ber fav0rites


This month FLEW by, but that’s probably because it was jam packed with fun stuff. October is my favorite month, and I’m sad that it’s over- but tomorrow is Halloween and it’s gonna be a blast! Here’s some snaps of things I was loving the past 30 days…

Of course I had to include the pink, hand-embroidered hoodie from Maì ^ it’s a large size and super soft! You probably already saw my mini photo shoot with this when I got it because I was so excited and happy with it. I also received the hood-less sweatshirts she put up for sale. I wore the white one in my previous post & you’ll be seeing the grey version soon…

Food faves this month were Mediterranean and Mexican ^ we went to Metzeh again and it was delicious as always. Then Justin joined me for a little work get together celebrating my coworker’s birthday at a place in the city called Tio Pablo. The food was awesome and the drinks were even better! It was a really fun night and I loved being able to introduce Justin to some of the people I work with. Lastly, only food-related cause that’s how we celebrated: I passed my national exam! I’m officially, nationally certified as a pharmacy technician (instead of only being state registered). I was so nervous for this test because it has a lot of material on it that doesn’t necessarily apply to the wholesale pharmacy work I do, but I managed to get enough questions right! I was so relieved and to celebrate, Justin took me out for lunch at Metro Diner, where I got a chicken pot pie. Then we hit DQ on the way home for blizzards (:

Hair faves ^ I loved Justin’s hair cut in early October. The day before my birthday, we both got a trim. He’s so handsome with the buzzed look! The picture of me is just showing the growth of my hair- it’s almost to my waist (which is my goal), then I’m going to go to someone who knows what they’re doing in order to have it layered. I’m not going through another Hair Cuttery fiasco…

Back to clothing favorites for a sec ^ these KickThePj shirts are AWESOME and I’m so glad I snagged the long sleeve for Justin because he absolutely adores it! The ringer tee I got fits so well too (:

My favorite nail color this month was the orange/red combo ^ it’s super autumn-inspired and made me feel very in season! I’m probably going to go all black next because I finally got a new polish…

A few random, fun faves towards the end here ^ Justin and I spoiled ourselves with Pokémon cards this month. There’s the stone frog succulent pot we got from the state fair (above) and the Peace Frog bumper sticker I added to my Forester! I also got 2 custom Gameboys (one sp, one advance) from 8-bit trade which sells tons of systems, games, and custom mods. Check out the site (:

Last favorite for October was the magnificent gift Justin got me for our anniversary ^ this T ring from Tiffany in rose gold! We had to get it sized down, but now I can see myself wearing it alongside my Atlas promise ring everyday. It will also match the rose gold necklace I have. It’s such a beautiful present and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you again, Justin ❤

That wraps up my favorites for this month. Hope you all enjoyed a quick look at the things I was loving in October. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in November in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Oct0ber fav0rites

  1. Woah your skin!!! You’re glowing! I think a post sharing your skincare routine would be awesome, haha 😊
    The KickThePj shirts are so cute! I love the black t-shirt! And the Maí hoodie looks great on you!
    Great favourites! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Omg thank you very much 🙈 I’ve been meaning to put up either a morning or night routine post (maybe both), but whenever I manage to get it together- the products I use have changed or I’ve found new stuff. So maybe I’ll do a huge post of my skincare journey soon! I really appreciate your kind words and support

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