Skincare review


This won’t be my reviews of the individual products themselves as much as an overall review of my skincare routines/regimens over the past year. I’ll separate them by “As needed” use, “Every 1-2 weeks” use, and of course my “Daily/Nightly” product line-up…

Starting with products I only use as needed ^ some of these were things sent to me for free to review, so they weren’t necessarily tailored to me and didn’t target a specific skincare need. Others are either too powerful for daily use or just aren’t things I want to keep in my recurring routine…

The Freeman clay mask is great and totally detoxes and rejuvenates my skin, but man does it itch when it’s drying! I love it, but luckily I don’t need to use it too often. The Nyakio cream sample was something I only used once, but thought I’d include in case anyone is looking for an extremely moisturizing product. This stuff is dense and really makes your skin creamy smooth. The Skinfood egg white cleansing foam is something I bought for Justin, but I’ve tried it a couple times myself and really loved the results. It’s amazing how dramatically it minimizes pores (even on someone who doesn’t have that large of pores to begin with), you can truly see the difference. Next, the gel creme from Ole Henriksen: this was another item I was sent to review. This stuff smells like an orange creamsicle and it feels like velvety sorbet on your skin. This is something I know I’ll be using more in the winter time as it’s a bit heavy, but works to lock in moisture super well. The Belif aqua bomb set are what dreams are made of. Another pair to help with moisture retention, this moisturizer and jelly mask combo completely renew your skin overnight. These are things I was sent for free that I know I’ll be buying for myself once I’ve used them all up. Lastly for this category, the zit zapping dots from YesTo. These aren’t a miracle cure for acne, but they do help visibly reduce the redness and a bit of the size of any severe breakouts you might have. I don’t recommend them for daily use as they can be a bit drying to the skin (seeing as I was somewhat flaky after trying them 2 nights in a row)…

Probably the largest range of products are the things I use (or try to) every 1-2 weeks ^ most of them are masks whether they’re from Bath & Body Works, YesTo, or Blue Lagoon- it’s something about pampering yourself and your skin every once in a while that really gives it a boost. Besides masking, I also have a wax warmer because you know what’s on my face? Facial hair. Unwanted and fast-growing, dark, Italian facial hair. So each week, I wax and tweeze away at my eyebrows and my upper lip. Afterwards is when I usually love to put on a soothing sheet mask. I also have travel sizes of face peels and cleansers, sample sizes of eye creams and lotions from subscription boxes and lovely Sephora & Sak’s. I used a few together last night when I needed a good re-do for my face. I first went in with the Juice Beauty peel, then the Korres pomegranate cleanser, and finished with some Kiehl’s eye cream. It was a bit more in-depth than my usual nightly routine, but I feel back to normal this morning after the tummy bug I was dealing with yesterday. Derma-e is a brand I have to touch on too because their products are lifesavers. I sadly ran out of the microdermabrasion from them (that will be going on my Christmas list), but I used to use that once a week and it worked super well at gently removing dead skin and bad stuff from the surface. I’d usually use a clay/mud mask the day after to double down.

To finish off this gigantic skincare post, I’ll be sharing the collection of products I use on a daily basis ^ starting with items I no longer have, but used to be a part of my routine: I received a sample set of Caudalie from Sephora on my birthday a year or so ago and finished it sometime earlier this year. It was a serum and moisturizer that worked very well together at creating baby soft skin. This duo made my face super smooth and depending on how much the full sizes cost, I might be putting them on my Christmas list too. Next are the First Aid Beauty pads- these were easy to use and made getting ready for bed so much quicker. They’ve got all the good stuff in the pad already to cleanse your skin. I also use to have a sample size of Fresh’s rose serum which I adored (now I already know that’s too expensive to buy more). The last two empties I’ll touch on are from one of Marzia’s boxes. They’re the night cream by Elemis and the toner by Sunday Riley. I don’t think they were meant as a pair because the scents kind of clash, one being vegetal and the other marshmallow, but I used them together anyway and they worked so well to soothe my skin. I noticed less redness as this was my first time using a toner- I knew I had to add one to my daily regimen.

I wanna speak on some things I don’t put on my body, but in it. I do take vitamins daily that aren’t specifically targeted towards my skin, but keep me healthier in a way that I’m sure helps my outer appearance overall (so I don’t look sickly or like a zombie). I also try to drink tea each day. We get a subscription of teas, so we always have some available. White teas are best, but green teas and herbals are also very good for your skin. Mainly staying hydrated is just the number one rule to healthy looking skin and feeling good in general!

Back to the products- now that we’re in the final stretch, I’ll be sharing the items I use in my nightly routine. Before bed, I clean my face of all dirt/makeup/daily grime with YesTo micellar water and cotton pads. If I don’t have makeup on, I’ll use the charcoal water. If I am taking off makeup, I’ll go for the cotton one as it’s better for sensitive skin and won’t hurt my eyes if I get any in there. Then I’ll use my Mario Badescu toner all over with the pads. I found a solid serum bar from Lush called Full Of Grace that I fell in love with. My first one melted all over my bag, lipsticks, and a hair tie when I was in NY with no AC…so this time I got the tin to keep it safely in. This stuff is wonderful. I focus it on my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, my lower cheeks and chin. Just swipe it on and rub it in! I finish off with my trusty rose deep hydration face cream by Fresh (the one skincare item I will always splurge on). This goes mostly around my eyes and upper lip, sometimes I’ll put a bit on my neck if I feel like it. Then it’s into bed on my silk pillowcase- which helps the skin from being pulled/dragged harshly when you’re tossing and turning in the night…

My morning routine consists of some different products: I’ll start with a YesTo face wipe (blueberry, grapefruit, cotton, carrot/kale, whichever one I happen to have on hand). Then I’ll dot any bad acne areas with a bit of spot treatment before rolling on my mini Milk toner. Then my never failing Aveeno lotion goes around my eyes and upper lip, followed by my Derma-e vitamin c serum all over my face. I just kind of pat it on instead of rubbing it in all the way. I need to buy more soon because I’m almost out! Then I apply Maybelline’s BabyLips balm to my lips and I’m out the door…

I know this was insanely wordy and a longer-than-usual post from me, but I hope you enjoyed a look at all the ways I used to and still do take care of my skin! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned/pictured in the comments, I’ll be sure to answer them as best I can. Thanks for stopping by (:

16 thoughts on “Skincare review

  1. omg I love the egg white pore range by skinfood! I’d love to give that cleanser a go. Also it’s so funny because I’ve used the belief aqua bomb recently too and got the rose moisturiser from Fresh haha :’) And teas are always so relaxing to drink so its great that they have so many benefits too! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I guess we must be! It’s so funny how that happens haha :’) And it’s always great to treat yourself with products like that in the winter ❤ And me too! I am obsessed, especially now that it's colder ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading and commenting! My experience with the samples was that a lot less product is needed than I anticipated. So depending on how much the full size costs, it could be worth the money just based on how long it’ll last you. I wouldn’t rate it above any other eye cream I’ve tried, but it was still a lovely texture and worked to soothe my eye area overnight (:

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      1. It’s not specifically an eye cream, but Fresh’s rose deep hydration face cream is something I swear by! The big tub is $40 but it lasts a good 6 months because it’s so rich you only have to use a tiny bit around your eyes and they feel so nourished (:


    1. Go for it! I hadn’t tried anything like that before either and then shortly after using them for the first time, I received a similar product in a VoxBox from Influenster (: that’ll be showcased in an upcoming post

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  2. Sooo many facial masks! They make your skin look amazing 😍😍 It glows!! I just got a product by Derma E for the first time, and I’m really looking forward to trying it. It’s an oil-free moisturizer, which should help my skin a lot 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re the best cause you don’t have to rinse (or sometimes even scrub) them off! Just take off the sheet, fold it up, and rub the rest of the mask “juice” into your skin (:


  3. Your skin always looks so amazing. I’m jealous! It seems like no matter what I use on my skin, I’m constantly getting zits. Thankfully tea tree oil dries them up very fast, but I wish I could keep them away period. 😛

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    1. Aww thank you so much! I know a lot of my break outs stem from diet & hormones, but my diet is limited already by my gluten- sensitivity that I don’t wanna have even less options haha hope you find a way to keep your acne at bay. Maybe more tea? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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