Acqua 0n the m0untain


A post full of Marzia’s products? No way! It’s true- today I’ll be sharing her fall subscription box, a bracelet from her new jewelry range, plus another pottery piece and the official review of her Maì hoodless sweatshirts…

The “Mountain” box was the third quarterly sub box sent out to subscribed Marzipans in early October ^ it included art in the form of a print, tea towel, and socks by Sarah Lasater- another artist in the series she’s been working on this year.

This included a bunch of hair products including a mask, leave-in conditioner, and leave-in mask! My hair with be soft and silky with using all of those together this fall/winter.

It also came with a wooden toothbrush by Mable and a pomegranate cream-gel moisturizer from Korres to round out the beauty routine…

A few makeup products in this box: an eyeshadow stick from Juice Beauty and a MoodMatcher color-changing lipstick! I got the orange one which shows up pink on my lips (if it can be called bright & subtle at the same time, I’d describe it as such).

I’m really happy with this quarter’s items and I’m loving that I can use every product…even though I don’t mind at all when I can gift some of the stuff to friends or family. If you’re interested in subscribing to her box, there’s one more box coming later this year for the winter season. Find it here: Marzia box

Marzia released some more reasonably priced jewelry on her original website (as opposed to the fine jewelry on Maì) ^ the range is called Acqua *water* and features Amazonite stones alongside silver and gold. I opted for the silver bracelet which came in the cutest drawstring pouch stamped with her logo in gold. The quality of this piece is just as lovely as the Maì jewelry even if it costs much less! I was very pleased with the design as well- each piece will be slightly different due to the rawness of the gorgeous blue stones. She also has necklaces and earrings in this collection too. Check it all out here: Acqua

I couldn’t help but buy more of her adorable pottery when she put out a few more on her Maì site ^ it’s difficult to get these little guys since they’re all handmade and she only posts a few to her site at a time, but I was excited to have another cutie in the collection! This one is called the anxious bowl and I’ve been using it as a candy dish for mints and then Starbursts afterwards. She also included a typewritten note mentioning my tattoo that I got (doodled it up myself) with inspiration from her novel Dreamhouse. It was so sweet (:

If you want some pottery of your own from Marzia, make sure to follow her and her shop on Instagram to keep updated on the restocks to her site! Here’s links to all: Marzia’s insta, Maì insta, and Maì site

The official review of the Maì hoodless sweatshirts ^ I got this design in white and heather grey. They’re size small and they fit perfectly! They’re super soft and great quality, not too thick/stiff but still super warm & cozy. I love the colored sprinkles around the brand name (: can’t decide which one I like more, but I know I’ll be wearing them both a lot this winter. This style of sweaters are my fave because I can wear my hair down and not have it be everywhere due to a hood in the way lol

I think she’ll be restocking these soon on Maì site so keep an eye out if you wanna grab one for yourself (or a friend)!

Thanks for stopping by and reading through my Marzia-products post. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend (:

12 thoughts on “Acqua 0n the m0untain

    1. Totally! Her recent spring/summer line on her original site is lovely and I’ve been meaning to do a lookbook for it, but still don’t have all the pics I want included. Her new shop Maì has only had the limited hoodies and now sweatshirts, but I’m hoping she’ll do more designs (: I know they’re going to be adding a new Tsuki collection soon! Thanks so much for commenting

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  1. Wow I love how she included a plastic-free toothbrush haha and the sweater looks like great quality. I’m forever heartbroken shes gone from YouTube though ^^’

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    1. Yeah, it was a nice treat for sure! Love love loving the sweatshirts (: I’m sad too, but always hopeful she’ll come back someday (or at least un-private all her old vids)


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